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19 July 2020 

A Gift for Blokes Who Love Their Aussie Snags

A Gift for Blokes Who Love Their Aussie Snags

A gift for blokes who love their Aussie snags

Are you after a gift for blokes which will light up their face… and their stomach?
An item which is trendy, yet functional and will draw a few appreciative back slaps and ‘cheers
mate’ beer bottle clinks?

You need to buy Aussie’s Ultimate Snag Stand.

Even family meal times will never be the same again after using the ultimate snag stand.

The problem buying gifts for blokes

Men often complain gift buying for women is difficult, but usually, the opposite is true too!
What does one buy for a man who has all the things or buys the thing he needs when he needs
The Aussie’s Ultimate Snag Stand takes the guessing out of gift buying for men. And the whole
family will benefit from this stand at mealtimes.

Even family meal times will never be the same again after using the ultimate snag stand.

So what is a snag stand

Aussies Ultimate Snag Stand is the must-have accessory for every BBQ, taco or American hot
dog backyard event.

The stand is made from sustainable bamboo which is 100% food safe. It’s shaped like a mini
sports bat and has 4 sectioned inserts to hold food items which like to unravel when assembled -
like snags in bread. Hence the inspiration to name this must-have platter.

Each section prevents food items from falling apart on each other like a domino effect.
The snag stand holds 4 portions and is ideal when feeding a crowd at a BBQ or camping.
Heck, you could even take it to Bunnings and load her up for a cheap takeaway meal for the

How to use Aussie’s Ultimate Snag Stand

The snag stand is going to save a lot of hassle with food preparation and serving. Here are some
more ideas to use your snag stand:
● Hot dogs
● Tacos
● Burritos
● Folded duck pancakes

● Waffles
● Toasties
● Focaccias
● Mini pizzas
● Crumpets
● Toasted English muffin



Where to take your Aussie Snag Stand

The Aussie Snag Stand is going to be a problem-solving accessory for camping trips when
feeding a tribe and not having enough hands to carry all the snags in bread.

In fact, this was the inspiration behind the design after Mr Recycled Mats attempted to keep
snags under control while at a Bunnings Sausage Saturday stand.
No one likes the feeling of regret seeing a hot sausage roll away because it wasn’t grasped
quickly. Or seeing multiple sausages roll away at people’s feet.
There had to be a way to keep a hot sausage down, and the Aussie Snag Stand has been
designed to do that.

Use the Aussie Snag Stand at home when preparing meals for the family. Assembling tacos for
dinner will be less messy than everyone making their own and having them fall apart.
Take it with you to the local park for a BBQ of hot dogs in bread rolls.
Pair it with the toaster for a neat way to display crumpets or waffles after they’ve been freshly

Its portability makes it the ultimate accessory to use when individual portions need to be
handled at once. The question is not where to take the Aussie Snag Stand, but when.

The ultimate man cave accessory

Of course, as a gift for blokes, the Aussie Snag Stand may find its home in a man cave.

Imagine your man being able to play a game of pool, knowing his snag is protected, safe and still
ASSEMBLED, ready to eat after he’s snookered his mate.
Your man will wonder how he survived without this ultimate accessory in his life.
It’s time to upgrade from the apron and tongs gifts for Father’s Day.

The Aussie’s Ultimate Snag Stand will outplay them all. Order yours NOW!