Jack McCale

Loodgengardinge. Jack was born in Perth and has ties to Bunuba on his Grand Fathers side, Walmajarri and Djaru on his Grand Mothers sides and his Fathers Grandmother was Gooniyandi.

Designer of Boab Tree - Working with Recycled Mats since 2015

Jack's Walmajarri Grand Mother is Munmurria Daisy Andrews whom is a famous artist.

Jack has a twin brother and back in the 70's, all twins had to be born in Perth.

Jack grew up in Fitzroy Crossing in Junjuwa Community, he and his family moved there in the early 90's when the land was given back.

Jack started taking painting seriously when a teacher noticed his talent in 2006.

He started painting from the heart with anger, missing country but then noticed some of his painting were confronting. He then began painting his ancestors country, Dream Time and stories of Jundamarra.

Today it is these artworks that Jack prefers to share with people.

To learn more about Jack and view his work, click here

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