Lee Townsend

Dharug and Kamilaroi Country - Artist and educator, owner of The Yarning Circle.com - Designer of the "Our Place" & "Boomerang, Safe Journey & Welcome Back" mats & now the Map of Australia Activitiy Puzzle Pack.

Designer of Our Place, Safe Journey, Welcome Back, & Boomerang - Working with Recycled Mats since 2013

Lee Townsend is an Aboriginal woman born and raised in Blacktown, NSW.

Lee is a Dharug and Kamilaroi woman.

She is also the owner and creator of The Yarning Circle programs.

"Giving children – and adults – the chance to have a voice and be heard is my dream and The Yarning Circle® is the realisation of that dream."

The Yarning Circle® is a place where stories and knowledge can be shared in a caring environment that’s relaxed and comfortable. A place where each person can participate at their own level, in their own time and by sharing their own unique journey.

To learn more about Lee, and the Yarning Circle initiative, and view her work, visit her website www.theyarningcircle.com/

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