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20 August 2018 

A Jute Rug is THE Sustainable & Ethical Alternative to Wool Rugs

A Jute Rug is THE Sustainable & Ethical Alternative to Wool Rugs

A jute rug is the perfect all-rounder for the home and this rug wins all the votes for sustainability, versatility, minimalism, and eco-friendliness.

What is Jute? Jute is a vegetable fibre, grown mostly in tropical countries like India and Bangladesh.

It's easy to produce, sturdy, and biodegradable so it's the perfect material to use in a jute rug for indoor styling and comfort in the home.

Mums and dads with small children will be happy to know that a jute rug is the safest rug to buy for the home if you want to keep your children away from chemicals and toxic fumes.  Growing jute is eco-friendly - there's minimal need for poisonous chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers to keep the bugs away as it's naturally resistant. It's a win-win - for us, and for the environment.

Interesting fact: 90% of the world's jute comes from Bangladesh.

Jute is also made into hessian, or burlap fabric, which is then used to make bags, sacks, footwear such as espadrilles, and carpets. It's a fabulous alternative to cotton and plastic too.

Recycled Mats has jute rugs to suit all tastes.

What is your favourite Jute Rug?

At Recycled Mats, we stock a large range of Jute rugs in our range, in all shapes and sizes. There's natural jute rugs, rainbow combinations, black and white combinations, and nautical-inspired navy cotton and jute rug combinations.

The designs at Recycled Mats include plain woven rugs in rectangle or circular shape, natural rugs with intricate designs, rainbow hot pots, rainbow circles, and concentric circles in a range of patterns.

These jute rugs can be placed as a lounge room rug, a nursery rug, a minimalist feature in a natural space, a large floor rug in a games or family room, and in kids rooms.

Jute rugs can be used indoors and out with little fuss. These indoor outdoor rugs are a clever choice for families with children, as they can be shaken out when the kids bring the dirt in. These well-built floor rugs are designed to last, and they are well suited to our sunny Australian climate.

Take a Sneak Peek at our Range of Jute Rugs

Recycled mats stocks rugs in all sizes, including extra large rugs. Area rugs help to create an inviting space to lounge and rest up after a busy week. Take a closer look at the range below, and choose your favourite Jute Rug today.


 Goa Striped Black and Jute Rug for Family Homes. Buy now.

Goa Striped Rug

The Jute Goa Rug (pictured above) is a classic rectangular rug for all lounge, dining, family and bedrooms. Check prices here

Natural jute rug. Shop now.

Modern Jute Rugs

This jute rug above features an ornate pattern of concentric circles and is a modern take perfect for those with a design eye. Check latest prices here.

White Diamonds jute rug. Shop now.

Traditional Rugs

This rectangular rug (pictured above) is a good fit for people looking for more traditional rugs. The diamond pattern is eye catching, but not overwhelming. Perfect for the hall entrance, or as floor rugs in the living room, your friends will be wowed by it's gorgeousness. Check latest prices here.  

Hot Pot Jute Rug from Recycled Mats. Shop now.

Rainbow Rug

This Rainbow Hot Pot rug (above) is one of our favourites for a baby nursery rug. With all those colours, kids of all ages will love it too. It's also really good at hiding any stains! Check latest prices here. 

Contemporary and Classic Jute Rugs

The 'snake' rug  is one of our newer designs. Made with a combination of jute and plaited chindi ropes, it's a statement piece, that's for sure. Take a look here

We also stock a rug for those home stylists that have a hard time deciding between rainbows and natural colours. It's a divine mix of both! Take a look here. 

For those looking for a timeless, classic rug, these two rugs might appeal. The Nautical rug features navy tones on the outer rim while the Peace rug is a combination of white highlights on jute. Click on the blue links to take a sneak peek.  Check latest prices - Nautical rug Check latest prices - Peace rug.

 Black and Jute Circle Rug from Recycled Mats. Buy online now.

Black and Jute Rugs

This circle rug above features a black ring within the piece, complimented by a contrasting black circle on the outer edge. Fashion lovers rejoice. It's arguably the most stylish jute rug in our range.  Check latest prices here.

If you love monochrome styling, there's another choice too. Our statement black and jute rug "Simon" features a woven black rim around the outer edge. It's spectacular. Check latest prices for the Simon rug here.


Black Sabbath rug. Shop now.

Black Sabbath Rug

We've saved our favourite for last! The Black Sabbath rug above is an alternating mix of black and jute plaits, creating a spiral effect. Add this one to your office, or sitting room for a bit of pizzazz! Check latest prices here.

Buy Our Rugs Online

Did you know you can buy all of these Indian rugs online? YES! Save yourself big bucks by detouring past the middle man and go straight to the source with us at Recycled Mats. (Do a price comparison and see for yourself.)

At Recycled Mats, we are proud to have been a trusted supplier of rugs and recycled plastic mats for ten years. Our community of rug lovers come back to us again and again, and we'd love to help you too. Buy your new Jute Rug here today.