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21 September 2018 

Natural Rugs of all shapes and sizes

Natural Rugs of all shapes and sizes

Recycled Mats sells floor rugs, in all shapes and sizes, and colours too! If you need a natural rug, you’ve come to the right place.

Natural rugs for interior design

The making of natural rugs

Our natural floor rugs are all made in India in family-owned and operated workshops. The majority of the work is completed by the men and women who live in the village. These folk earn their living sorting and colour-coding manufacturing offcuts, then upcycling it to make our colourful rugs. They work mostly by hand, plaiting fabric ropes, and on simple sewing machines when it’s time to sew them all together. We love the quality and the workmanship that goes into every single one of their rugs.

JJ, our founder and the owner of Recycled Mats, has personally visited the factories on two occasions, once in 2016 and again just recently in February 2017. She has watched the process of our craftspeople making the natural rugs from start to finish, and has firsthand experience of the love and care that is shown in the creation of these floor rugs. She tells us the whole process and all the people involved are outstanding.

Natural rugs - denim trellis patchwork

All the natural rugs!

All recycled fabric floor mats are made from a combination of cotton, leather and denim, jute, and felt, sourced from manufacturing offcuts. The craftsmen and women weave intricate and striking designs, including the well-known rainbow and jute ‘Chindi’ rugs, and hallway runners. Floor rugs range in size, and go right up to full size rectangular rugs that are perfect for living areas, bedrooms, and home movie theatres.

Most of the natural rugs at Recycled Mats are designed for indoor use as a stylish piece to add flair and elegance to any space. Floor rugs can be used in nurseries, in toddlers rooms, in children’s bedrooms, in dining rooms and lounges. They also help to bring a sense of cosiness to an enclosed outdoor room or undercover patio area.

Natural rugs - black sabbath

Caring for your natural rug

The best way to care for these natural rugs is to spot clean and lightly vacuum them on a weekly basis. If at any time you find a stain or spill that requires a soap solution of any kind, be sure to do a spot check first to ensure that the colours won’t run. Do not use a washing machine. If you do need to use a soap solution, use the minimum amount of water you can to prevent you having to leave the rug in the sun for an extended period to dry as this may lead to discolouration, or worse, mould.

The floor rugs at Recycled Mats are affordable and value for money. We urge you to shop around and compare prices although we’re confident that our prices are much more affordable than most of our shop-front or online competitors. There’s a reason for this - at Recycled mats, we care as much about the customer as we do about the environment and sustainability, and want to provide value as well as quality at all times.

Natural Rugs in centrestage position

Floor rugs are talking pieces, and everyone deserves to have one. We bet you’ll have all your guests and visitors wanting to buy their own before long too. Tell them we said hi, and to pop over for a great deal.

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