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23 June 2020 



RECYCLED MATS continues its commitment 

to creating environmentally conscious products that care for our planet by supporting worthy charitable organizations, who through their various rehabilitation and tree planting initiatives, benefit both Australia & the global community at large.

Up until the end of 2019/2020 Recycled Mats donated to many worthwhile charities through the sales of products, pledging a generous portion of the proceeds to:

Recycled Mats also donated products to many Indigenous and non-Indigenous community groups, schools, and charities across the country, with an estimated value of approx $30,000 in the 2019/20 financial year alone.

In light of the recent and devasting bush fires experienced around Australia, Recycled Mats has chosen to re-focus back on the land as its primary place to make a difference.


Recycled Mats' pledge for 2020/2021 financial year is to support CARBON POSITIVE AUSTRALIA formally called "Carbon Neutral Charitable Funds Tree Planting project"

Recycled Mats pledges to donate 1,000 (250 plants per quarter) native and Indigenous seedlings each financial year to help get the land and those that call her home back on their feet again.

  • Donations will be made to the Carbon Positive Australia formally Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund from the end of September 2020 ( but calculated from June 30, 2020 ) and updates will be provided here each time a donation is made
  • DONATION Made on October 1st, 250 plus 124 trees for 124 product reviews received between July 1-Sept 30. A total of $1,402.50 was donated to the CNCF project.
  • DONATION Made on January 9th, 250 plus 94 trees for 94 product reviews received between Oct 1-Dec 31. A total of $1297.50 was donated to the CNCF project.
  • DONATION Made on April 1st, 250 plus 67 trees for product reviews received between Jan 1 - March 31. A total of $1224.41 was donated to the CNCF Project.
  • DONATION Made on June 1st, 250 plus 80 trees for product reviews received between Mar 1 - May 30. A total of $1237.50 was donated to the CNCF Project.
  • DONATION Made on June 30, 1,000 trees for the 2022 year, product reviews will be calculated and added every 3 months.
  • Recycled Mats is also offering to donate 1 tree per product review received through and will be donated along with our company commitment each quarter
  • Recycled Mats is also participating in Giving Tuesday, the first Tuesday in December where we will donate 1 tree per retail recycled plastic mat sold to the CNCF project as a part of our ongoing commitment to the community and supporting Australians, not for profits. UPDATE: On Wednesday, December 3rd we bought 73 trees as a direct result of our pledge for Giving Tuesday. Thank you for all being a part of this journey....

Recycled Mats works predominantly with materials that would otherwise go into landfills, so this new addition to our community work is an extension of a field that we are already passionate about and have been for 11+ years.

The Carbon Positive Australia Facts & Stats ( content directly from the website ) 

  • Conservation International, a world authority on biodiversity conservation, identified Southwestern Australia as one of the only 35 globally significant biodiversity "hotspots" and hotspots account for 90% of all species on earth.
  • Nationally, it is also recognized that 5 of Australia's 15 national biodiversity hotspots are located within Southwestern Australia
  • Conservation of its biodiversity is the responsibility of all Australians - it is imperative that these "Megadiverse" areas be protected to ensure their survival and restoration

As a part of Recycled Mats continuing evolution, we are also currently undertaking a voluntary carbon offset audit to gain a better understanding of what emissions Recycled Mats as a business puts out so we can continue to work to minimize this and hopefully be carbon neutral or even carbon positive (yahhh) within the coming few months. WATCH this space for our developing story and in the meantime, check out what we already do in house to reduce our footprint on our blog post  "How we recycle - The Recycled Mats commitment to sustainability"

As of November 202, we received an update from Carbon Positive advising that their first planting project for 2021 will be in Bundjalung Country not far from Recycled Mats HQ in Nimbin ( we are in Tweed ) where they will be planting on 29 acres, the project will aim to;

  • Provide increased habitat for fauna ( including koalas )
  • Create additional corridor planting between two National Parks
  • Restore previously cleared dry rainforest

The increased stocking in the dry rainforest will improve biodiversity and encourage further natural regeneration. The corridor will allow species movement from one area to another, supporting species development. This area of NSW is important ecologically and CP will be partnering with Envite Environmental to provide high-quality ecological planting at their site


Recycled Mats Poem, written by Andrea Stephens, September 11, 2018

We’re keen to say Hi,
And thanks for stopping by,
We hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen.
Our mats are a hit,
With those doing their bit,
To keep the world clean, blue and green!

Starting from scratch,
At our busy home patch,
It’s been a journey of which we are proud.
Our Artists are gold!
Weaving stories of old
The wisdom with which they’re endowed. 

Our quest here is clear,
To protect what is dear,
By the telling of secrets once known.
And defend Mother Earth
For all that she’s worth
And continue to keep her as home.