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Dean Jakamara Briscoe

Central Desert

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Anmatyerre, Central Desert - Artist, owner of Anmatyerre Arts and Crafts - Designer of "Water Dreaming", "Meeting Place", "Honey Ants", "Witchetty Grubs", "Spinifex Dreaming" & "Waterhole Dreaming"

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Designer of Water Dreaming, Honey Ants, Water Hole Dreaming, Spinifex Dreaming, Witchetty Grub & Meeting Place - Working with Recycled Mats since 2013

Dean Jakamara Briscoe was born in Alice Springs, NT but spent most of his life out bush with his family in the Aboriginal communities north-west of Alice like Laramba, Yuelamu, Pulardi and Mampa (Coniston). Dean has lived a very traditional life experiencing hunting, gathering, language and culture that has been practised for many generations by his people.

With a unique style that’s derived from the old Western Desert Dot Style Art, Dean from a very young age was taught how to paint by his mother (Katie Panangka Briscoe-Dec) and also family members who are very well known in the art world.

He remembers sitting with one of his grandfathers, the late Clifford Possum, as he painted large-scale masterpieces telling Dean the stories of what he painted as they sat under a tree.

With very fond memories of Mr Possum, Dean has also been fortunate to have been brought up amongst other artists who are also close family to him like his eldest sister Joy Nakamara Briscoe, Teddy Briscoe (Grandfather), Potter/Painter Patsy Morton (Grandmother), Cassidy Japaljardi (Grandfather), Billy Stockman (Grandfather) and many more from around his region who have made an extraordinary contribution to their people’s recognition into the Art world with Western Desert Dot Style Indigenous Art.

One of Dean's works was sold many years ago in an art gallery in Alice Springs, when he was just a child starting to paint, and it took off from then. He has really developed a style which only he can perfect with an old Clifford Possum in a very contemporary and neat way still representing his totems and dreamings. Only using four main acrylic colours his paintings have the western desert look of natural ochres, in each piece he feels and wishes he can share a part of his culture with the world.

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