Hemp Yoga Mats Hemp Yoga Mats

Hemp Yoga Mats

HEMP YOGA MATS are best suited for yoga, pilates and meditation sessions in a non-hot yoga environment.

Hemp's natural properties kill bacteria plus have anti-mould qualities.

It is also much better for the environment than many other materials. A quality that most yogis appreciate.

Naturally sourced, the rubber used in our mats contains no silicone, toxic glue, phthalates or PVC and unlike other synthetic rubber or foam, it's hard-wearing and won't retain moisture.

Our Yoga Mats can also be composted after their life with you is complete. Simply chop them up to help the break-down process and mix them in with other long-term, slow composting materials. I like to put my mat down whole in the garden bed
 as a weed deterrent as they will take some time to break down when not cut up.

Please note that only our micro-fibre range of Yoga Mats & Meditation Mats have a recycled component to them, in the topper itself which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Recycled Mats is our trading name and refers to the recycled plastic mats that are our main line of products. The yoga and meditation mats are a more recent addition to the range and whilst eco-friendly, are not made from recycled rubber.

REDUCE your impact on the environment while enjoying a strong and comforted Hemp Yoga Mat with 5mm of cushioning between you and the floor.

Our range of Hemp Yoga mats continues to grow as our community find the true value of paying for a quality, eco-friendly yoga mat that will last the test of time.

Our range of Hemp Yoga mats come in a growing range of colours and designs to suit all yogi's needs and desires. Shop here for your Hemp Yoga Mat needs.