Sand Free Beach Mats & Towels Sand Free Beach Mats & Towels

Sand Free Beach Mats & Towels

Ever wondered how you can help to clean the ocean of plastic while having fun in the sun at the beach?

With our new sand-free beach mats and towels you can do exactly that!

Taking advantage of cutting-edge technology, our sand-free beach gear is expertly crafted from recycled materials meaning it's great for the beach and even better for the planet. 

Discarded plastic bottles are transformed into a luxurious, highly absorbent microfibre fabric that not only repels sand but dries in half the time of a regular towel or mat, leaving it smelling fresher for longer. 

Sand-free also means less itch, less scratch and less sand to clean up out of your car - and together with less plastic rubbish harming our precious marine environment, that makes for a really good day out!

Check out our vibrant, nature-inspired sand free beach mat and towel range below...