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Plastic Recycling

HELP us to HEAL the WORLD!

Have you ever wondered what part YOU can play in creating a more sustainable world?

If your answer is YES, you’ve definitely come to the right place!



Here at Recycled Mats, we're always looking for innovative ways to repurpose materials and reduce waste, particularly plastics and rubber.

And to date, with your help, we've saved an estimated 380,500kg of waste from landfill...that's huge!


But that's not all....we've recently launched our new CIRCULAR economy

programme which allows us to repurpose yet more waste materials into functional and stylish

everyday products.

And we need YOUR help! 

Did you know that most recycling services that take plastic bottles do not recycle the tops?!

That means that even though they're highly recyclable, most bottle tops end up in the waste stream and eventually landfill and our waterways.

And that's where WE (as in US + YOU) come in!

We're now set up to transform those pesky little plastic tops into sleek and practical surfboard fins.

Yep from dumping to pumping, we can now turn waste plastic into wave magic...

But we can't do it all and need your help in collecting the tops.
Whether you're a school, cafe, retail business or someone who just wants to help from home, we welcome everyone to get involved and collect bottle tops.
Here's what you can do:
We can utilise tops from milk, water and soft drink bottles, as long as it's plastic "2" or "4", we can use it...
If you'd like to make a community, office or school project of it, we can help there too!
Plus every bag of donated lids puts you in the draw to win one of our awesome recycled plastic mats. Conditions apply
So please join us and ride the wave of change!
Drop off point Unit 4, 42 Machinery Drive, Tweed Heads South, NSW 2486
Open hours Monday - Friday 9 - 4:30 pm
Please ensure that all tops are clean, de-labelled and dry, otherwise it might cross-contaminate a whole batch of plastic. Thank you!