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About Recycled Mats

Recycled Mats, started by JJ Stranan in 2009, proudly supports fair, ethical, sustainable trading and manufacturing standards for all. Our growing Australian team, are all passionate individuals that together are uber proud of the knowledge that to date we have helped save 360,912 KGS of plastics, manufacturing offcuts and car tyres from landfill, and, thanks to you, that figure is increasing by the day! Yipppeeee!

Who are we?


We are a family-run business, started in 2009 on a laptop in the third bedroom of our home and slowly progressed to the garage, storage units, then warehousing, and in 2016, the signing on of a logistics company to take over our picking, packing and warehousing. Late in 2017, we made the leap to take back control of our warehousing and purchased our own facility in Tweed Heads South. As we grow, so too does our range and so does the work that we are able to provide the amazing Indigenous artists that we are proud and honoured to work with.


We work with many artists from various cultural backgrounds in our community to create culturally inspired designs that connect with communities countrywide.

By supporting us, we are able to keep not just our families in work, but also many other families both around Australia and abroad. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to create a genuinely recycled and culturally inspired range of products that we hope you and your family will love and treasure.


Since 2015 we have run our head office on 100% solar power. With each year we strive to evolve, to become a more sustainable, eco-loving business. We compost our rubbish, reduce our usage where possible, and recycle whatever we can. That's not to mention our work with local earth-loving charities. To formalise our ongoing commitment, we are proud to document and display our GreenKPIs. We'd love you to take a look at our report here.

We have also embarked on a recycling journey and would love you along for the experience. Read more here, and see how YOU can get involved in our 'Circular Economy' initiative! 



Proud Mum & Wife. Head of everything at RM. Culture Lover, Adventurer, Recycler & Bouncy Castle Master and Business Mentor to young women in business.

I was born in NZ to a Canadian Dad and Lithuanian/Australian Mum, and I am a first-generation born Kiwi and now proudly an Aussie too. After leaving school at 17 I lived in Thailand for five years. I obtained my PADI Divemaster Diver’s license and spent the time running the local dive shop and out on the boat taking tourists below the waves exploring the undersea world off Phuket, one of Thailand's premier diving areas in the late ’90s. After a brief return to NZ and achieving a Diploma in Travel Studies I returned to Thailand to manage the three dive shops. Meeting the man of my dreams as he sailed in on a magnificent superyacht as the engineer on board, I then decided that I needed to get a move on and see some more of the world, so I joined the Super Yacht community. My first yacht was “Stormvogel” which many people know as the white-hulled boat out of the “Dead Calm” movie that made Sam Neil and Nicole Kidman famous back in the day… and no, there is no spear gun hole remaining in the aft cabin where Billy Zane shot the dog!!! LOL.

After sailing around the world to many amazing locations, meeting some amazing people, learning about exotic cultures, we were settling for a while in the US when 911 happened. An event that shook us like the world and after which, we decided to return to little ol' safe NZ in the depths of the Pacific. After five years there, living on 10 acres of NZ native bush, we decided that the lure of Australia was too great to ignore so we packed up shop, threw the dogs in the plane hold and off we came to this great land. Initially working in the corporate environment in the CBD and then after losing my Dad suddenly in a motorbike accident, I took stock of my life and decided I wanted to make a difference to the world and corporate wasn’t going to help me achieve that. So my passion for learning about new cultures and travel sent me toward creating Global Kids Oz and Recycled Mats…And the rest shall we just say is history…..



Proud Dad & Husband. Master of all things Mechanical. In-house Builder. Surfer. Mountain Biker and “Go to Man” for warehouse operations & Volunteer Fireman.

Born in New Zealand in a small but now famous town, running barefooted around the hills and paddocks was a precursor to travel. After leaving Gods Own way back when for the obligatory 1 year OE it kinda took about 16 years to return. Hey no hurry, he figured out that you can’t see it all in that 1 year. Nu migrated with JJ and their 2 dogs at the time to Australia in 2006 looking for better opportunities.

Nu is a qualified mechanic, marine engineer, general all round handyman and now helps JJ run the business. A quiet achiever Nu has sailed around the world (picking up JJ along the way) mountain biked, surfed and dived in some rather remote places.

Having seen some amazing places and meeting incredible people along the way has only increased his thirst for travel and exploring different cultures. After many years in the marine industry it was time for change, and the growth of Global Kids Oz and Recycled Mats had it’s calling. Sure, working in an office and warehouse is rather erm different to super yachts but working along side his wife who exudes passion for making a difference in the world is a blessing.

The life style has changed a bit now with Little “O” running around under our feet but in no way has life slowed down. You may only catch a glimpse of Nu every once in a while but rest assured he is there keeping things flowing in the background. Nu is in the process of becoming an Australian citizen too - Yahhhhhh, Aussie, Aussie Aussie.



Part Time T, W, T & F.

Mum. Admin 'Guru' in the Making. Messy Cook. Recycling Lover.

It’s been 20+ years since Andrea first met JJ and Nu in Thailand, sparking a friendship that has spanned not only the decades but also continents. Sharing a love of the outdoors and a passion for using recycled materials, Andrea was very keen when asked to work for a company that she knows truly values the importance of protecting our precious resources and in doing so, unifying communities across the globe. And besides, there’s got to be at least one Wallabies fan in the office over rugby season! 




Part Time M, T, W & T.

Mum, Outdoor Lover, Tree Hugger, Photography Enthusiast

Odette and her family immigrated to Australia and have called the Gold Coast home for the past ten years. Growing up in South Africa instilled a love of wildlife as well as cultural diversity.

In her free time, Odette enjoys discovering out of the way places and has a fascination for treehouses and tiny homes. She loves to travel with one of her favourite destinations being Vanuatu. She likes creating memories and photographing them all along the way. She embraces beautiful things created from recycling and has a fondness of collecting nature’s treasures.




Part Time T, W & T

Creative Designer

Crazy Animal Lady. Lifelong Arty Farty. Storm Lover. Face Painter. Favourite Aunty.

It has been joked that Leesa was born with a pencil in her hand. Having studied Graphic Design right out of Uni she has worked in both Graphic & Product design, in both Melbourne & the North Coast. Frank, her furry side kick, is also a much loved (and spoilt) member of the RM Team & loves making new friends with lovely customers when they pop into the showroom.



Casual Admin Support

After travelling 60,000k's PLUS in 2020 (yes that dreaded year for most of us), Sarah and her family have chosen to return to the gorgeous Tweed area to settle back into a daily routine.

Known as a fun-loving, beach-going, lifestyler who always wears a smile, Sarah joined the team having starting out as a customer of Recycled Mats, then quickly becoming a fan, friend, and now a valued member of the team

Sarah brings her experience of living on the road to the team, and helps us to ensure that we continue to provide fun, practical, and gorgeous mats and products to enhance the great outdoor lifestyle that we are so fortunate to enjoy all around Australia.




Part Time M, T, W & T

Coming from a chef's background who would've thought that I'd end up here at RM, but running a busy kitchen requires the same organisation and people skills as running a busy warehouse. COVID has brought change for many of us and I am no different. Having this opportunity to finally enjoy weekends with my family is a welcome relief after too many years to count behind a stove on Saturday nights. I'm looking forward to spending more time with the kids in our new caravan exploring some of what Australia has to offer, naturally while enjoying some of the products that we create to "product test" ourselves along the way.



Casual to help us out on busier days of the week & most Fridays

Warehouse extraordinaire

Ensuring all orders get dispatched as fast as possible, aiming for 100% dispatch daily if placed by 2.30pm AEST



Full Time Creative Support

Straight out of design school I am more than pumped to be given this opportunity to work at RM and put my theory into practice. Week 2 and I've already designed my first RM product, I can't believe how exciting this experience is.

Being creative is in my gene's, I am always doodling away in my spare time. So watch this space as you come along on my journey.

Full Time Admin Support




Chief Product Tester

Dinosaur & LEGO Fan, Chief Catalogue "Hander Outer" and model in many RM photoshoots

Oscar was almost born on a Recycled Mat, being just days old when he first had the opportunity to explore one. Being that RM is very much a family business many would have watched Oscar's growth over the years.

Oscar's input into design is taken on board especially for our "Kid Focused" range, after all, who best to get feedback on kids' ideas than a kid!

In fact, Oscar is so business-minded that we have launched his own "Oscar S" collection and Roadblox & PLOPS mat where the kids of RM joined together to create a new design just for RM, check out some of his handmade items here on site or follow him on his 'Turtles Treasures' facebook page. Oscar also just launched his own website (with a lot of help from Mum)


Our Artists

Our Artists

We are very lucky to have a team of talented artists associated with Recycled Mats. From diverse backgrounds, including Australian Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islands, New Zealand Maori, Pacific Islands and Malaysian cultural perspectives, these artists create the unique multicultural designs that make our mats, runners and cushions so impressive. 

Read more about all our artists on our Artists page. 





Recycled Mats Values & Purpose

Recycled Mats Values & Purpose


OUR PURPOSE: Create. Educate. Inspire.

Planting the seed of hope and change.


To create innovative products, educate through impactful initiatives and inspire future change-makers.


PURPOSEFUL INNOVATION: We champion creative solutions for meaningful impact, driving positive change through innovative products and ideas.

EMPOWERING YOUTH: We guide and inspire young leaders, harnessing their potential to create a brighter future. 

SUSTAINED OPTIMISM: We nurture a legacy of hope and positivity, paving a lasting path for a sustainable and brighter future.

Creating a Purpose-Driven Future with Recycled Mats

In a world cluttered with fleeting trends and transient goals, Recycled Mats stands apart, driven by a deeper purpose - “Create. Educate. Inspire.” It's not merely a slogan; it’s the heartbeat of every initiative we undertake.

We would LOVE you to read more about our purpose and how we striving to 'Create. Educate. Inspire." 

Watch Our Company Video

Interested in knowing more about Recycled Mats? Please watch this short one and a half minute video that we enjoyed making for you.