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15 June 2023 

Learning Hub

Learning Hub

Learning Hub through Recycled Mats

The future of our planet is in the hands of our youngest generations. As educators, parents, leaders, and all-around global citizens, it is our responsibility to help our children build a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. We're so passionate about this that we've made it our official Recycled Mats purpose to 'Create. Educate. Inspire'.

It can sometimes feel overwhelming when looking at the sheer scope of issues society has to tackle daily. But, by understanding our potential to be agents of positive change, we can start small and inspire our children to think in terms of sustainability.

One of the most impactful ways to promote sustainability among the youth is to provide them with resources that can supplement their knowledge. Introducing them to books and articles geared towards environmental conservation and renewable energy are essential starting points. By giving children sources of knowledge, we can ensure that they become part of the larger conversation on the topics.

In addition to books and articles, engaging video content can also be a great way to help children understand the importance of sustainability. From documentaries to videos on environmental awareness, the sheer breadth and variety of creative content out there can help children engagingly understand complex topics. It’s also important for us to spend time with the children in our lives, showing them how to think and act sustainably. We can take the children to local conservation parks, introduce them to problem-solving activities, or even take them for fun outdoor walks! Whatever it may be, as long as we take the time to cultivate curiosity and critical thinking, the children will learn to be eco-friendly.

At the end of the day, we must help our children build a better planet for their future. Share with them the resources that will help them succeed, and continue to bring them out into the world to explore sustainable solutions for themselves.

As a part of our transition to a circular economy business we wanted to educate not just ourselves but you too as we go along this journey, so anything green and juicy that we feel is worthy of sharing we will add to this ongoing list here, we also share some great posts to our Instagram account too, so pop over to check them out under our "Feel Good" story icon - follow us on insta here @RecycledMats 


  • EVERYONE, ANYTIME - Help yourself to these FREE downloads, they are here for you to use, share and enjoy. The only thing we ask is if you feel in the mood and your child agrees we would LOVE to see any of the finished artwork sent back to us so we can share it here or on our social posts. We want everyone to get involved and nothing is better than sharing what other kids have done to inspire other kids to do it too! Just email us at if you'd like to include your child's first name then great if not maybe just the state you're from.

Explore your backyard - Bird Song colouring in page


Recycling Fun - Recycling colouring in & puzzle page


  • EVERYONE, ANYTIME - One of my all-time favourite resources is the "Waterbear" Network, its free and WOW it will take you and your family away from Netflix and onto more educational and sustainable focused content - The Waterbear Network broadcasts its educational showcases and other content on its dedicated YouTube channel check out their documentaries from 3 minutes through to 3 hours, topics cover everything from the meat industry, fur industry, the health of our waterways, exploitation of animals and humans through to energy consumption and futurism. The channel is a real eye opener and warning can become almost addictive it is so valuable in its content


  • EVERYONE, ANYTIME - Simbl is a mobile app that empowers users to easily determine the recyclability of various products by scanning their barcodes or QR codes. Beyond simply providing recycling information, Simbl has gamified and incentivised environmentally conscious behaviour by rewarding users with Simbux recycling rewards points. These points can be utilized for supporting eco-friendly initiatives through donations or redeemed later. In essence, Simbl encourages sustainable choices and contributes to environmental preservation.
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  • EVERYONE, ANYTIME - Circular Economy FNQ is a great site full of tips for reducing your impact, creating a zero-free lifestyle and how to add a sustainability report to your website - yes you guessed it, this team has helped our circular journey to go from basic idea to what will be the full circle in a matter of months.
  • EVERYONE, ANYTIME - Precious Plastics, We first came across these guys in early 2020 and well we know how the rest of 2020 played out. So in 2021, we flew to Melbourne to meet the local mob down there and discuss options that could help us in our circular journey. If you are interested in starting your own business or supporting others that are on the same path as us then check them out for sure.



  • EVERYONE, ANYTIME - One Small Step, big changes.......One small step is proven behaviour change software that helps anyone can achieve net zero emissions through lifestyle changes. Decarbonizing humanity through mass climate behavioural change
  • EVERYONE, ANYTIME - We are based in the Tweed, so let's start in our backyard. Check out our Tweed Shire Educational Tours & Resources here. Tweed Council have some great resources AND they offer Tours of the facilities. What a great learning opportunity! Check out your local council to see what they offer you for both resources and possible ex/inclusions.


  • EVERYONE, ANYTIME - Finding solutions to the plastic problem on our planet is the main aim of the crew hosting World Environment Day, find out how you can help here
  • EVERYONE, ANYTIME - Through programs in Education, Activism and Science, Plastic Oceans Australia advocates for global change to support a circular economy and sustainable communities worldwide. Check out some of the latest films bridging knowledge gaps worldwide through POA's work. "Against the Current", " Cutting the Line", "The Erie Situation". DONATE to Plastic Oceans Australia and support the incredible work they do now
  • EVERYONE, ANYTIME - World Ocean Day & World Environment Day 2023 presented by Ricki Hersburg from Plastic Oceans Australia watch this informative YouTube video titled "No Blue, No Green" below:


Join the compost revolution! - The compost revolution is an important movement that promotes sustainable practices and helps reduce waste while benefiting the environment. Composting is a great way to divert organic waste from landfills and transform it into nutrient-rich soil that can be used to nourish plants and gardens. Schools/Individuals can claim 90% from their council for composting - Learn more here




  • EVERYONE - 3 TIMES A YEAR - INTERNSHIP for 6 weeks with activities from all over the world to learn from ocean experts. Take part in skill-based workshops and implement a local community project of their choice. The main objective is to fall in love with the oceans and feel fired up to protect them and become an 'Ocean Activist'. Find out more here at Ocean Uprise Internship 



If you know of an event or something that we should be sharing on this page please let us know by emailing us at we will happily add it to this ongoing list to empower, share and promote good green work done both locally and abroad because, after all, we are all in this together.