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19 April 2021 

Creating a Circular Economy

Creating a Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Being a part of the solution instead of the problem

Here at Recycled Mats, we are passionate about finding solutions. We've had the desire to create a circular economy for our main product line - our recycled plastic mats - for years now, and 2021 is bringing us one step closer to that goal.

When I originally founded the business, I was passionate about creating a product from waste plastic, a product that many companies were creating using virgin plastic. When I discovered that RPET could be used, I put my hand up and said let's do this and to date, we've helped repurpose from landfill an estimated 259,000 kg! Naturally, this number continues to grow daily and it's an achievement that we are very proud of... and equally as proud to have become Australia's largest retailer of RPET mats.

For a time this was fabulous and very satisfying, however as the years have gone by I've wanted to do one better by being able to offer our customers the option to re-recycle their mats back to us so that we can create yet another new RPET product, both practical and earth-loving, thereby giving our recycled mats an even longer life. After all, nothing lasts forever but why not extend the lifespan of our mats as much as we can?

So, Nu & I are excited to announce that we are getting ever closer to this becoming a reality. 

We often get asked if our mats are recyclable after their practical use has come to an end. In the past, we've had to acknowledge that "they can be, but it's up to your own local council", as some do and some don't. This has been far from an ideal solution which has led us on a quest to finding an answer so that we can say a definitive and resounding "YES!"

We are excited that we have now purchased the machines needed to begin this next step of the process. So feel free to drop off your used mats now when you're done with them, but please note they MUST be CLEAN AND FREE from dirt etc. if dirt enters the recycling process is could damage the whole entire batch of plastic meaning it will have to be discarded, so please help us and ONLY send or drop off CLEAN and dry mats for recycling. We do not have the facilities or space in place to clean and dry mats prior to beginning the process, we need you to do your part too.

Send them off to RECYCLED MATS, Unit 4, 42 Machinery Drive, Tweed Heads South, NSW 2486 with a note on the package saying "FOR RECYCLING"

The first range of products that we are working on are surfboard fins made from recycled plastic!! Whooo hooo so excited!


Typically, with any new product development, we need to test out quite a few things to ensure that we can safely create a new product that the market will appreciate, and when we do our final testing on our new surfboard fins, we will update our community via EDM and socials to get the word out that we have successfully turned them into practical, affordable Australian made re-recycled products!

Thanks for being a part of the journey with us, we are always looking at ways we can do things better. If you have any ideas that may help us with the re-recycling concept, then we would LOVE to hear from you... please email

Thank you. JJ Stranan, Founder of RM 2009

UPDATE - We are now starting to accept other non-standard items for recycling at HQ in Tweed, find out what here in this post "What we recycle"