Picnic Packs Picnic Packs

Picnic Packs

Love outdoor entertaining, but not sure where to start with manifesting your perfect picnic pack, or what you might need from our huge selection? Well, fear not, as we have taken out the guess work for you! We've put together some of our most popular items into instant 'Picnic Packs'. You'll soon have everything you need to get the picnic started! Just add food and friends - bliss.

Whilst each pack is unique, they each include one of our signature recycled plastic outdoor mats and a super-versatile portable picnic table, along with some other pieces that, we think, match up pretty well!

The future additions are endless, however we think we've made a good start to get you going. Whether the pack be for yourself, or a gift for a loved one or work colleague, it's definitely a purchase that won't be gathering dust.

So, grab your picnic pack, fill a basket with your favourite treats and head outdoors to create lifelong memories with the ones you love.