Jute & Wool Indoor Rugs Jute & Wool Indoor Rugs

Jute & Wool Indoor Rugs

Jute rugs are an iconic, organic choice for any space. Woven from natural fibres, these unique rugs are not only eco-friendly but also biodegradable.

Achieve a contemporary or classic look with their enticing hues, lending a unique blend of raw style and texture to any space.

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Indian Design Recycled Rug, Mustard & Off-White


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Indian Design Recycled Rug, Gold-Brown/Natural White


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Indian Design Recycled Floor Rug, Jute, Natural & Black


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Indian Design Recycled Rug, Navy / Natural White


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Eco-friendly Styling

Inject a breath of new life into all your favourite spaces with our artistically crafted, and eco-friendly fibre rugs. Our jute rugs are made from 100% natural fibres that are pre-soaked and softened for comfort and styling. Using jute fibres, our incredibly talented and passionate craftsmen and women create soft, durable rugs in a wide variety of striking designs and colours to complement any space.

In line with our business values of sustainability and integrity, these rugs are not only sustainable but also made ethically. They are designed by local artists and then woven by skilled craftsmen and women in India. We follow up closely to ensure that our artists and craftsmen and women are respected, valued and remunerated fairly for their work.


Inspired By Nature

Bring nature into your space with our jute, cotton and wool rugs which feature an alluring texture of flat-woven and hand-knotted designs that give any space an organic yet luxurious feel. Made from natural fibres, these rugs are a favourite for people looking to re-energize and revitalise spaces. Their subdued look is perfect for classrooms, play areas, offices and homes – any space that can do with something both practical and stylish. You can easily layer these rugs with cushions and even portable picnic tables for the perfect reading nook.


Durable Styling

Even though the jute fibres are softened for comfort, they remain incredibly durable. This allows them to continue infusing a natural charm into your home for many years to come. Likewise, our wool rugs offer warmth during the winter months but are cool underfoot during summer. 

There is no better way to create a cosy, stylish and comfortable space in your classrooms, play areas, office or home, than with our jute, cotton and wool rugs. Grab yours today and enjoy the very best of nature.