Portable Picnic Tables Portable Picnic Tables

Portable Picnic Tables

Soak up some extra sunshine with a light breeze by grabbing a drink with friends and family in the outdoors on one of our Australian made summer portable picnic tables. Create memories and share experiences around a beautiful table that is as beautiful as it is effective.

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For Fly Free Entertaining


BOTTLE & GLASS DISPLAY - 4 Glasses image
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Made from Recycled Wine Barrels


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approx 8x90cm
BURNT FINISH - 4 Glasses image
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BURNT FINISH - 4 Glasses

Portable Folding Wine Table in Reclaimed Wood


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0.6 x 0.25m
BURNT FINISH - 6 Glasses image
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BURNT FINISH - 6 Glasses

Portable Folding Wine Table in Reclaimed Wood


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0.7 x 0.3m
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Wine Chiller and Aerator


5.1 x 5.1 x 33cm
HARDWOOD - 4 Glasses image
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HARDWOOD - 4 Glasses

Portable Folding Wine Table


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0.45 x 0.4m
PICNIC TRAVEL STAKE - 2 Glasses image
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Made from Recycled Wine Barrels


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PINE - 4 glasses image
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PINE - 4 glasses

Portable Folding Wine Table


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0.45 x 0.4m

A Handy Summer Essential

Take things a notch higher (literary) for your next picnic by incorporating one of our portable picnic tables to hold your drink as you chat. The tables come with creative designs that allow you to hold up your drinks and snacks in style so you can focus on having a good time. No more worrying about spilling your drinks. These small, round and rectangular tables fold up easily, making them flexible and versatile. Easily fold it, store it away or carry it around with no hustle.

Locally Sourced, Designed and Made

Our Portable Picnic Tables are authentically designed by businesses in Australia to cater for your picnic needs. The designs are unique for an individualistic look that appeals to your unique preferences. Consistent with our business values of integrity and sustainability, the tables are made from mix of recycled wood and locally sourced, sustainably grown Ecoply plywood. We promote a well-off mother earth by ensuring that all our operations are run at the minimum possible carbon footprint.

Built To Impress

With creative designs and quality wood, the Portable Picnic Tables are made to offer you convenience and a touch of style – for many days to come. For extra durability, some of the tables are sealed with two coats of exterior grade, water based varnish for a gloss and protective finish. The tables are lightweight, stylish, spill resistant and easy to clean - perfect for your Aussie Summer lifestyle, especially when paired with an outdoor rug.

Make yourself a beautiful picnic full of fun and memories with one of these tables. If you love the outdoor lifestyle, you will love these Portable Picnic Tables. They also make the perfect gift for that fussy in-law or that friend who seems to have everything.

Browse through the collection and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.