Ify Refini Duley

Malay, Balinese & Melanesian - Designer of "Ancestral Connections", "Eternal Bloom", "Wholeness" "Interconnectedness" & "Moko Mandela"

My art form focuses on sacred geometry, which is the architecture of the universe and its sacred creation. My aim is to portray my artwork as a visual connector to the consciousness we are all a part of, reminding us that we are all cosmic diagrams of limitless potentials.Designer of Ancestoral Connectedness -  Working with Recycled Mats since 2016

My creative take on mandalas represent wholeness, reminding us of our relation to infinity. It helps facilitate meditation and connects us to our natural environment. To me, mandalas are a tool to reconnect with one self and increase self-awareness.

More of Ify's work can be seen on her website www.artselemental.com

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