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9 June 2022 

Australia's Best Sand Free Towels

Australia's Best Sand Free Towels

Did you know that a “no sand” beach towel isn’t just for the beach? That’s right! Any activity that involves water or the need to dry off can benefit from the addition of a sand free towel. Boating, camping, fishing, yoga, pilates, bush walking, spa hopping and just lying by the backyard pool are all pastimes that can be enhanced by the simple addition of a sand resistant towel.


Not only designed to repel sand, our sand proof towels are super absorbent and very quick to dry, making them the ideal companion for all water-based activities or simply those times when you need a dry spot to sit or lie down.

Complete with their own drawstring carry bag, our sand free towels roll (or fold) up so small that you can easily pop one in to your picnic basket, backpack, yoga bag or glovebox.

Perfect for taking with you on the go, they act not only as a quick-dry towel but a shoulder wrap or cover up to protect from the sun or wind.  And unlike a regular towel, they’re ideal for lying on at the beach – whether wet or dry, sand wont stick to the fabric and end up spread throughout your beach bag or car!


So how are these clever sand free towels made?

This ultra-soft microfibre fabric is made from 80% discarded plastic bottles which have been transformed into polyester through an innovative 5 step process. Simply put:

  • Bottles are collected, washed, chopped and melted to form small chips.
  • The chips are then melted into a thick syrup-y liquid and extruded (fancy word for squeezed) through a fine spinneret – a bit like using a piping bag to ice a cake.
  • This creates continuous fibres which are spun to make polyester threads.
  • The threads are then woven together with nylon to ensure extra softness and durability.
  • Finally, the fabric is printed and edged to form our functional, earth-loving sand free beach towels.

This ingenious fabric is smooth and soft to the touch, lightweight and UPF50+ drying in half the time of a regular towel. With a safe and effective anti-microbial treatment added to the fabric post-production, you can also rest assured that your new sand free towel won't mould or harbour any nasty bacteria and therefore, no more smelly damp towels in the back of the car!


We’ve also added a clever, hidden zip pocket which allows you to safely stash your keys and phone when using your no sand beach towel in a public space, protecting them from sand, sun and wandering eyes.

To make your sand free towel easy to use on the run, it comes with a handy hanging strap meaning you can simply hang it to dry on your beach shelter, your caravan, the back of the door, or a nearby tree. It’ll also keep it from blowing away in strong winds if out boating!


Why not use it as a workout towel in the gym or spread out on your yoga mat during a Bikram class? Beautifully soft and absorbent, it’ll not only provide extra grip on the mat but mop up the sweat that comes with a heated class. And again, it’s special anti-microbial properties will keep your sand-free workout towel smelling clean and fresh. Plus it’s a cinch to wash – just throw it in the washing machine on a regular cycle, hanging on the line to dry.  

These innovative sandless beach towels are also reversible. With a fabulous range to choose from, each towel in the Recycled Mats sandfree collection offers different but complementary patterning on each side. From nature inspired designs to classic stripes, retro florals and Aboriginal motifs, there’s sure to be a design for everyone and every outdoor adventure…..including some for and by kids!


Weighing in at just 350gm, there’s no question that our sand free towels really punch above their weight when it comes to functionality and style. Packed with clever features and coming in an array of engaging designs, you can also enjoy your no sand beach towel knowing that its ingenious production is saving plastic water bottles from polluting our waterways and oceans. Now that’s a true win-win!


And we don’t just do sand free beach towels. We offer a complementary range of sandfree beach mats which you can read all about here. Why not mix and match you new sandless beach towel with a beach mat so you've got all bases covered!

We’re also one of Australia’s leading suppliers of recycled plastic mats which are widely seen in homes, schools, kindergartens and camp grounds arounds the country. To learn more about Recycled Mats and view our entire range of practical, eco-friendly and stylish wares, please visit our website today.