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17 December 2021 

Beach Mats for those Lazy Hazy Dayz

Beach Mats for those Lazy Hazy Dayz

Let’s face it, beaching or just being out in nature is something we Aussies live for. We not only have some of the world’s BEST beaches, but we have thousands and thousands of kilometres of them to choose from! Needless to say, the ideal location is practically a given but it doesn’t always mean the ideal experience is. Fortunately, here at Recycled Mats we’re all about making the most out of our outdoor adventures… and helping you to as well!

For starters, having the right gear is absolutely fundamental to creating the perfect day outdoors. Whether you’re beachside, riverside or in the middle of the bush, nothing sets the foundation for a great day-out more simply and elegantly than a beach mat!

Our recycled plastic beach mats tick all the boxes when it comes to getting kitted up for some sun, sand and surf. Not only lightweight yet sturdy, they’re super easy to store, toss in the boot of the car, carry and set up wherever you decide to make camp for the day. And they come with a carry bag included so even the kids can toss one over a shoulder and lug it along the sand.

Perfect for protecting feet and delicate bods from hot sand, our beach mats will instantly provide a soft and comfortable spot for sitting and lounging. With an extensive range of sizes, shapes and designs to choose from, even with a large gaggle of friends and family, we have a beach mat to suit and seat any gathering.

Not only are tie-down eyelets an option on our beach mats but so are umbrella eyelets meaning you can safely stick an umbrella through the middle of a mat without risking damage to the weave. And as we all know, being able to provide shade is vital for everyone’s protection and comfort when out in the Aussie sun. Our fringed beach umbrellas are ideal for this and come in a range of summery, vintage hues. For extra security we also offer sand anchors which will assist in keeping your brolly in place during windy conditions.

During manufacture, our beach mats are also UV treated which helps resist fading and sun damage. (We do however don’t recommend that they’re exposed to ongoing, continual direct sunlight - for more on our care instructions, please go here.) Waterproof and mould resistant they’re hypo-allergenic so make a safe play or beach mat for sensitive individuals….and they’ll keep the sand at bay providing a dry, irritant-free spot to sit and enjoy being outside by the water’s edge.

Sand and dirt that does make their way onto your mat can simply be brushed or swept off and if a deeper clean is required, just wet with the hose when you get home and remove muck with a soft broom. Alternatively, take it into the surf and give it a saltwater rinse off, hanging or laying it out flat to dry.

And for those who love to picnic on the beach, why not add one of fabulous portable picnic tables to your beach day kit? Made from sustainable bamboo they provide a hygienic surface for all your picnic snacks, lifting them up and away from the risk of sand getting kicked onto the nibbles. Now that adds new meaning to the word sandwich!

More than just a table for food and drink, our picnic tables work beautifully as play or craft tables, even a surface for your book or laptop if that’s how you like to spend your beach time. And if a bbq or campfire is involved, they’re perfect for holding utensils and sauces together with those all-important cold drinks. Check out our full picnic range for more ideas.

You’ll be spoilt for choice by our fabulous range of beach mat designs – Aboriginal, contemporary and Aussie native-inspired – in bold splashes of bright colour or muted, subtle tones. What a great way to demarcate your spot on the beach and keep an eye on the kids from the water!

And we don’t just offer our woven recycled plastic beach mats. We also have a fabulous range of sand free beach mats and towels in a stunning array of designs and colourways. Rather than being a type of outdoor “flooring”, these mats are made from a microfibre fabric (derived from discarded plastic water bottles) so are softer and more like a beach rug. They’re super absorbent and dry in half the time of a regular fabric rug or towel, also non-toxic and anti-microbial so ideal for both young and old beach-goers!

So make the most of this great Australian landscape by getting down to your local beach….and don’t forget your beach mat! You can lounge back knowing that your new mat is not only great for those lazy hazy days, it’s also good for our precious planet.