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3 July 2018 

Find Authentic Maori Designs on Recycled Plastic Picnic Mats

Find Authentic Maori Designs on Recycled Plastic Picnic Mats

Maori Designs Galore

Maori Designs are very popular motifs on our Recycled Plastic Woven Recycled Mats, something that JJ and Nu, Owners of Recycled Mats and New Zealand-born and bred, are very proud of.



Maori patterns on contemporary homewares

From the very beginning, JJ was committed to ensuring that there would be a fair share of recycled plastic mats featuring New Zealand Maori Designs by Maori artists. This was high priority on her to-do list and it didn’t take long for JJ to achieve her mission.


Maori designs- Korero green


Five styles of Maori art patterns

In 2017, there are currently five styles of Maori designs and Maori patterns on recycled mats, in nine different colour combinations. All the Maori designs have been created by Indigenous Maori artists whose heritage and culture inform their work. The Maori artists include Michelle Walters, Milton Tupaea, and Turumakina Duley. 

View our entire current collection of Maori designed mats here.


Maori designs on recycled plastic mats



As per the Aboriginal Mats, all artists are paid either as a once-off upfront commission or if they prefer, as royalties from the sales of their mat. All artists of Maori Designs are also encouraged to sell the recycled mats featuring their designs on their own websites and platforms, allowing them to earn secondary income via sales. Giving them the opportunity to do so helps to increase their visibility and standing as an Artist in their communities and provides further social proof of their success.

Furthermore, all sales of the Recycled Mats featuring Maori art have a positive environmental impact, helping to rid the world of plastic bags that would otherwise have ended up in unsustainable landfill piles and transforming them into something of beauty and function. Read here how we're making an impact.



Eye-catching Maori art

The Maori woven plastic rugs are also eye-catching, colourful and a talking point. It’s amazing how many members of the public ask about recycled mats when they see them out and about, and in doing so, people learn about the stories behind the Maori designs as well as the symbols and meanings in Maori culture. Recycled plastic woven mats featuring Maori patterns are truly multicultural art.

Recycled plastic rugs help people to celebrate the many different cultures, community values, and indigenous stories in the world. By using authentic styles, including Maori designs, Recycled Mats are helping to value diversity, focus on tolerance, accept difference, and learn from one another.