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3 November 2018 

Help the planet - Support Recycled Products

Help the planet - Support Recycled Products

Quality Affordable Recycled Products

Recycled Mats is your one stop shop for high quality, affordable and elegant recycled products. Made from recycled materials, by indigenous artists and communities, our recycled products are a reflection of culture, heritage and sustainability. These ideals ring true through all our operations where we fully submit ourselves to the values of sustainability and integrity. We not only offer quality recycled products with a great story but also care for mother earth in the process. Our recycled products come in a wide ranging variety of simple and classic designs as well as bold and distinctive designs to suit traditional and modern décor preferences.


help the planet with recycled plastic picnic rugs


help the planet with recycled products


Sustainable Homewares that Help the Planet

It is our pride and joy to inspire your home and garden with elegant, eco-friendly and culturally inspired décor that tells a story. We work directly with the artists and communities best represented by the products. From Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander to Maori culture, our recycled products enable you, your family or students to embrace and celebrate their culture as well as learn about the diversity all around us.

By working directly with artists and communities, we not only ensure that you are getting high quality, authentic pieces but also that the artists and communities are respected, valued and competitively remunerated for their work.

In the 9 years since our inception, we have cleaned up 160 ton recyclable materials from landfill as raw material for our products rather than adding to it. It is now 2023 (we are almost 14 years old!) and, with your help, this figure has increased to over 380 tonnes!


help the planet with recycled mats


Our recycled products are sure to brighten up any room or garden. They are highly durable (for indoor and outdoor use), uniquely comfortable and exquisitely elegant. Rich with patterns, wide array of colours and hues, we have the perfect item to rejuvenate your space.

From rugs and mats, to a wide ranging collection of homewares, we’ve got that last missing piece to make your space ‘whole’. Browse through our collection and start transforming your home, office or educational centre from the ground up.