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16 November 2022 

How We Make A Difference To Our World

How We Make A Difference To Our World

Everything we do here at Recycled Mats puts both our community and our environment at the top of the priority list.

From the products we sell to the way in which we run our office and warehouse, the impact we make locally and globally, determines the How, Where and What we do.

And we don’t just retail practical, stylish and affordable eco-friendly products! We also dedicate a healthy portion of our time and earnings to both assisting others and improving the world we live in.

Here’s how Recycled Mats has, and continues to support both our Aussie community and our precious environment:

Aboriginal Art

Our Aboriginal designs are produced by a small team of talented Indigenous artists with whom we have cherished, long-standing relationships.

Each artist not only retains ownership of the artworks that we use but is also paid 10% of every sale of an item that features one of their designs.



All articles that feature an Aboriginal design are also vetted and approved by the artists for their end use. If, for example, their design is used on an outdoor mat, the artist has agreed that this item can be sat and stood upon.

Our commitment to the artists is one we take very seriously - not only is it mutually supportive and respectful, it’s transparent and based on a foundation of trust and integrity.

Our stunning range of Aboriginal mats, yoga mats and cushion covers are proudly showcased in homes, offices and schools across the country. 

Repurposing Waste Products

At the time of writing, Recycled Mats have saved over 375,000kg of waste materials from going into landfill! That’s mountains and mountains of rubbish that we’ve turned into beautiful and functional wares.

Discarded plastic and rubber that would normally have ended up polluting our environment is given new life by being transformed into rugs, mats, cushion covers, doormats, towels, yoga blocks and mousepads.



Bush Fire and Flood Assistance

We not only donated outdoor mats to our Firies after their heroic efforts in 2019 but also to local schools affected by the devastating floods of 2022.

The RM crew also rallied around one of our own whose house was badly damaged by water inundation, assisting her with the clean-up plus launching a successful fundraising campaign to help finance the repair and re-build.

Tree Planting Initiative

Since 2020 we’ve been donating trees to Carbon Positive Australia which supports planting projects across the country that increase canopy cover and biodiversity, assisting the wellbeing of our native flora and fauna.

Not only do we pledge to donate at least 1,000 trees per year but we also add one tree for every product review we receive. To date, we’ve been responsible for the planting of over 3,000 native trees!





Since the devastating fires of 2019, we’ve been donating to Bangalow Koalas - a community group devoted to the care and ongoing support of the local koala population and their habitat.

Black Cockatoos

This year, our Cockatoo Crackle mat sales have contributed over $10,000 directly to the Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre! This has resulted in the rehabilitation and release of more than 10 injured and endangered cockatoos back into the wild.

What a thrill to be involved in setting these majestic birds free again!

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Wedgetail Retreat

Designed in-house by our very talented Leesa, 15% from the sale of our RISING yoga mat and sand-free beach towel will go towards the support of the wonderful work of the Wedgetail Retreat Community Hospice in Tweed.

You can read more about their endeavours at this link

Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue

Here at Recycled Mats, we’re passionate about the preservation and protection of our local waterways and the marine animals that rely upon them so we’re thrilled with the newest addition to our charity mat range.

The stunning 6m Marine Life mat has been designed by another of our in-house artists, Rachel. In her words:

"When I was asked by JJ to design a mat for the seabirds and turtles, I was ecstatic! I love turtles and had pet turtles growing up. I also find seabirds and pelicans really fascinating and majestic. For this design I used inspiration from our riverways and the seashore; from pelicans perched on wooden pillars encrusted with barnacles, to swimming turtles and flowing tides.  I enjoyed this design project and love that Recycled Mats are helping support & rescue injured Australian seabirds & turtles"



10% of the proceeds from each mat sale will be donated directly to the Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue whose mission is to rescue and rehabilitate seabirds, shorebirds, sea turtles and sea snakes. You can read more about their inspiring work at this link.

A new collaboration in May 2023 is with the wonderful team at Plastic Oceans Australia, where we will be supporting their moto of no single use plastic useage across their various campaigns and annual fundraiser Picnics Unwrapped where we will be donating a heap of cool green and sustainable resources to the winners of the various comp sectiosbt hthat include; Most Unique Picnic, Best Presented Picnic, Biggest Community Picnic, Best Corporate Picnic & Best School Picnic. So grab your cameras peeps and get some pics taken as the comps run from 1 September through to 30 September 2023. 

This event is endorsed by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation

Other Charities

In the past, sales of our products have also resulted in significant contributions being made to:

The Family Centrea community based organisation in Tweed Heads (NSW) that focuses “on building individual and community capability to develop solutions to social problems.”

Juraki“an Indigenous Not-For-Profit community entity committed to creating, supporting & partnering in community activities, programs and (sporting) events that give Indigenous similar yet culturally-sensitive opportunities to main-stream.”

Hope for Healtha locally led programme on Elcho Island (NT) whose mission is to “empower Yolngu health and close the gap, with traditional knowledge as our guide, by providing access to positive immersive health experiences, and developing knowledge, capacity and positive habits through education and support.”

Ecocean - a “globally recognised, non-government, not-for-profit organization based in Western Australia working towards scientific research, education and conservation of the marine environment. It’s flagship species, the whale shark, is an iconic animal for marine conservation being the world’s largest fish.”



….plus thousands of dollars worth of our products being donated to various Indigenous and non-Indigenous schools, learning centres, fundraisers and community organisations.

Our Tweed office currently acts as a collection point for unused plastic toys which are given new life as bags and accessories by the clever folks at Ploys. In the past, we’ve also assisted in the collection of plastic bread tags on behalf of OzBreadTags for Wheelchairs - a fantastic endeavour which raises funds to buy wheelchairs for disadvantaged people, mainly in South Africa.

The Recycled Mats team also makes every effort to recycle and re-use within our office and warehouse which you can read more about here.

We’re very proud of the support we’ve been able to offer our community… which has only been possible with your help. So, from the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU!

Together we can, and do make a difference.