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13 August 2018 

Kids Floor Mats can be used as Childrens Play Mats too!

Kids Floor Mats can be used as Childrens Play Mats too!

Recycled Plastic Mats make the best kids floor mats for children’s play scenarios. They are by far the best floor covering we've found for two reasons:

  • One, they keep your floors free from spills and stains - a blessing in any household.
  • And two, children's play mats, made from woven plastic threads, cushion the children’s knees, legs, and arms when they are deeply engrossed in their ‘work’.

The fact they look so beautiful both inside the home, and outdoors, is a bonus!


Our outdoor/indoor recycled plastic mats create the perfect "play space"

Placing a childrens play mat on the floor is also a way to keep all their toys and play things in one place.

You can place a mat near your work desk so your little one can be near you when you have to shoot off a quick email that just can't wait. There's one at our Recycled Mats home office too. We fill our one with a selection of toys, and the kids are as happy as Larry to amuse themselves for a time.

A childrens' play mat can also be used to style a child’s bedroom, or playroom. There’s so many childrens play mats in the Recycled Mats range, you’ll definitely find one to match your current décor or, for a complete change in style, pick something out of the ordinary.   

All the recycled plastic childrens play mats with cultural designs are designed by Indigenous artists from their respective countries – JJ (the owner of Recycled Mats) commissions Aboriginal Australian, Maori New Zealanders, and Polynesian artists from the Pacific Islands to create designs that tell stories of their culture in a way everyone can understand. These mats are then manufactured offshore in family-owned factories in China, which helps Recycled Mats to keep prices affordable AND ensure their Artists are paid above-average remuneration.


Eye-catching motifs and stories

Best of all, the childrens cultural mats made by Recycled Mats are so eye-catching they encourage kids to look at the motifs and decipher them to gain deeper cultural understandings. No matter which childrens play mat design you choose, it’s an opportunity to discuss cultural diversity and difference through the art of pictorial storytelling.

If animals are your child's thing, then we can help with that too!


Recycled kids floor mats - shapes and sizing

Our recycled floor mats / rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There’s round mats, square mats, rectangular mats, and hallway runners.

Sizes begin at 0.9m x 1.8m - this mat is suitable for a small room or deck, or perhaps near a work desk.

A number of the childrens play mats are square. We recommend at least a 1.8 x 1.8m square mat for play – it’s enough room for at least 2-3 children without them being on top of one another. But, if you have a large family, or the room to spread out, a 2.7m or a 3m mat might be just your thing. You may find that a rectangular mat will optimise your space, and in this case, the 1.8 x 2.7m size offers heaps of play space! Circles work for some areas too, and at Recycled mats we are partial to a round mat, simply because it's the easiest way to gather children. Just ask them to sit around the edge of the circle mat, and you have your attentive audience, quick smart!


Kids floor mats design


Invitation to play

Use them to set up an 'invitation to play'. Invitations to play are just that - it's where you, the adult, set up a small selection of play materials and props that 'invite' the children to take a look, touch, feel, imagine and create from the base materials. Some people include 'art/craft' set ups in this definition but we like to think it's more about setting up opportunities for 'real life work' (what children do in play.)

For example, you might set up a doctor's surgery, or a simple shop, or pop a kid's table and chairs in the centre with paper and pens and a 'post box' to encourage kids to write letters to special people in their lives. Kids love an 'office' with typewriters, stamps, and notepads for writing sums. It could be a kitchen, or a toolshed, or a high tea adventure too!

Used in this way, our recycled mats are a helpful tool when you need to get on with cooking the dinner, finishing up some urgent tasks, or when the children just want to be near you.


If you would like to purchase your very own kids floor mat, we recommend taking a look at the options at Recycled Mats. There's new designs coming through all the time!