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11 June 2018 

Kids Play Mats - Childcare Centres, Schools and Library Use

Kids Play Mats - Childcare Centres, Schools and Library Use

Recycled Mats have a range of sustainable play mats suitable for indoor or outdoor use. These kids play mats are the perfect solution when it comes to soft hygienic floor coverings that create enjoyable learning spaces. These mats also help educators fulfil a number of their formal education legislative requirements, being a sustainable product and promoting cultural awareness through the art designs incorporated.


The play mat range for childcare centres, schools and libraries

There are hundreds of ways you can make the best use of our kids play & educational mats. Don't limit your imagination to simply using them as a basic floor covering. There's so many other ways to use them too.

  • Baby play mat - used indoors or out, these kids play mats are an easy-clean solution to the ongoing challenge of keeping crawling babies safe and clean when they start to explore. A large play mat will provide plenty of room for them to explore while staying out of harm's way. We love taking them outside and giving the babies and toddlers tummy-time under the shade of a tree too.
  • Circle time - The kids play mats are particularly helpful with promoting positive behaviour. The edges of the mat functions as a boundary line, and gives children a directive of where to sit and the teacher has a direct eye-line to every single child in the class. Magic!
  • Storytelling - the icons and motifs on the mats provide fodder for imaginative storytelling and sharing cultural stories from the dreamtime and other traditions


kids play mats - area mats


  • Floor mats for kids - these mats can be positioned around the room to help create 'nooks' of activity and to help separate large groups into smaller clusters.
  • Toddler play mat - setting up a toddler's favourite games or toys on a mat can help to send a clear message of where toys and games go. This can also help at pack away time - simply lift the mat by one corner and slide the toys back into their respective homes.
  • Lego mats - ditto the above. We use our kids play mats as Lego Mats. It keeps the LEGO all in one place. At the end of the day, scoop the spare unused LEGO pieces up in the mat, and funnel them back into the LEGO box.
  • Soft play mats - our animal themed mats bring lots of fun into the mix! Add a few cushions or beanbags on top and you've created a cosy nook for fun quiet activities like reading, felt pictures, puzzles, activity books and more. 
  • Activity Station Play Mat - take them outside to go underneath activity stations so that children don't have to sit on cold concrete or damp/prickly grass. These mats help to keep your preschool equipment clean and dry, and safe from mould too.
  • Excursion mats - take along a kids play mat and you have instant seating for a large group of children, teachers and volunteer parents
  • Picnic mats - we LOVE doing something out of the ordinary with the kids from time to time, and a simple outdoor picnic is just the thing. Outdoor picnics are particularly good after a week of rainy days couped up inside, or when tensions are running higher than normal. Children LOVE a surprise outdoor picnic, even when eating their own lunch! It's magical.
  • Games - use the motifs and icons of the mat to play cultural and local games. Try jumping from motif to motif in a stepping stone game, or use a circular mat to play Duck Duck Goose and I Wrote a Letter to my Love. See what you can come up with too!


group time mats - kids play mats


Group time - kids mats

These kids play mats are a great way to gather children into a group of storytime in a library setting, to separate a class group into working teams of five for workshop-style tasks, and as a way to interest children in Indigenous cultures. Each mat tells a story, and children love to hear what the motifs and icons they see actually mean.


National Quality Standards - Meeting the Requirements

These mats are by far the best preschool equipment we've come across and are a must-have on our list of essential equipment for working with children in preschool and childcare settings. We couldn't do without them!

When it comes to the National Quality Standards that govern childcare and family day care settings, it's great to see that a product such as these kids play mats are not simply a piece of equipment. They are also a tool to ensure the environment is inclusive, promotes competence, independent exploration, and learning through play.

For those children of multicultural heritage, the inclusion of familiar motifs and icons throughout the space helps them to feel supported and part of the decision making process. Conscious purchases when buying sustainable supplies and equipment shows that the service respects all relationships as well as engages with the local community.


Preschool equipment and sustainability

Buying a sustainable recycled product such as these recycled plastic mats for the centres also demonstrates that the service takes an active role in caring for its environment and contributes to a sustainable future, and that sustainable practices are embedded in service operations. Children are supported to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment too. Libraries, Primary and High schools can also become advocates of cultural awareness and sustainability by using these mats in their places of education. 


christine slabb kids play mats


Bespoke Designs on Kids Mats

Our outdoor mats feature a range of patterns, including contemporary mats with best-selling designs. You can also find a large range of Indigenous designs by artists hailing from Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. These designs have been created specifically for our play mats and can't be found anywhere else. We particularly love the Eucalyptus Mat (above) designed by Christine Slabb in either yellow/pink, blue/pink or pink/dark pink. It's so gorgeous!


FREE learning resources!

In case you hadn't guessed it, we're pretty passionate about doing good by and for the planet, and we love to share our passion. Do you work in education and are looking for tips on teaching your class about sustainability, recycling and the circular economy? Are you a homeschooler looking for learning inspiration with a green twist? Look no further! We have put together a fun blog post with so many ideas, it's bursting at the seams! 

Thank you for coming along on the journey with us!