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1 February 2018 

Our favourite picnic spots for Valentine’s Day Memory-Making!

Our favourite picnic spots for Valentine’s Day Memory-Making!

Planning to make a bigger deal of Valentine’s Day this year?

Why not plan a fun picnic? A picnic for two is the perfect way to spend time together without all the distractions of daily life.

Stuck for locations? Here are our ideas for the best picnic spots for Valentine’s Day merrymaking.


1. The Back Garden

Your own back garden can be easily overlooked on the quest to find amazing places for picnic adventures. Some lucky folk have access to miniature woodland forests reminiscent of the Faraway Tree in one far corner of their yard but a funky picnic rug on a small patch of dewy green grass will do. Back yard picnics have one thing over all other types of outdoor picnics- that’s easy access to your home kitchen. It’s easy to prepare simple salads or gourmet meals and serve them straight up, served with cooling aperol spritz cocktails or fruity mocktails. A backyard picnic is a private party for two, with little distraction other than the sky above.

2. A hidden cove at your favourite beach

We are huge fans of beach picnics at any time of the year, but a late-afternoon or early evening picnic for two on Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite times to visit. Here’s a list of what we take with us on romantic picnics for two.

3. The Rainforest

The natural rainforest has a special kind of magic for couple getaways but this is one place we make sure to take our artist-designed aboriginal mats. These stylish mats help us keep our bottoms dry when we sit to eat in these luscious green habitats and listen to birdsong and whispering winds. Plus it’s quick and easy to give our picnic mat a quick rinse under the tap when we get home so it’s ready for our next trip too.

4. Your go-to bench seat

If you have a favourite park, revisit old times with a picnic on your favourite bench seat.  Have you noticed how many times you see characters meeting or chatting on bench seats in films?  They are the perfect storytelling tool. Pop your picnic basket between you and share life stories as you nibble on your most-loved homemade treats.

5. Picnic in the park – Find your own secret garden

If you are ever in Sydney, do pop by Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden in Lavendar Bay, just 10 minutes walk from Luna Park and the Harbour Bridge. It’s a multi-level sanctuary filled with pockets of green foliage cultivated and cared for by the widow of artist Brett Whiteley. Find your favourite seating arrangement in amongst the branches and share an alfresco meal together. Or follow her lead, and make your own secret garden retreat just for two.

6. A deserted country train station

When you start to look, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find one of these. BYO picnic mat and cosy up alongside forgotten tracks surrounded by age-old architecture. THIS is the ultimate instagrammable picnic outing too - 1940’s style clothing optional.

7. Your own balcony or veranda

Attached to your humble abode, these often under-utilised areas of the home make quaint picnic destinations. If you are a green thumb, pick your own mint leaves to freshen up a jug of icy water and bring glass tumblers too. Shake things up a bit. If there’s an outdoor setting in place, swap it out for recycled rugs or mat on the floor and hide from the world outside with {a platter of our top 10 decadent picnic foods} – . 

8. Indoor picnic ideas - Lounge room larks

Push back your lounge furniture, throw down a picnic rug, fluffy pillows and a pretty picnic table to match, and eat your heart out. Takeaway noodle boxes and stir-fries are great companions to Netflix movie marathons for two.

9. Try a bed-picnic

For those who can bear crumbs in the bed, the ol’ bed picnic is a throwback to childhood school holiday adventures - with a difference! This time, it’s just you and your date. We suggest sticking to plain, non-spill picnic food as much as possible! Hint: Our portable picnic tables work great on the bed too!

10. Car picnics

If Valentine’s Day happens to be rainy or overcast, gather a load of edible goodies, and run to the car. Drive carefully to your nearest lookout or mountaintop, and enjoy the sounds of pitter-patter on your rooftop as you reminisce over shared escapades and, more importantly, plan new ones too.


If you have any other favourite picnic spots, we’d love to hear about them! Happy picnicking!