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Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs are Inspired by Traditional Siapo Mats

Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs are Inspired by Traditional Siapo Mats

Did you know that our modern recycled plastic outdoor rugs were inspired by traditional Siapo mats made in the South Pacific from a tissue-like cloth made from the bark of the mulberry tree?

JJ, the brains behind Recycled Mats, wanted to take the idea of a traditional and authentic woven mat and bring it into the contemporary world by fusing two new concepts with the original.


plastic outdoor rugs - eucalyptus


Floor Mats - New Idea from Traditional Concept

JJ had two primary goals:

  1. To make plastic outdoor rugs and floor mats from a repurposed long-lasting plastic material, thereby caring for the planet when buying new products, and creating a cleaner, safer environment for us all.
  2. To invite local Indigenous artists to join the design process and share their unique cultural stories through the use of intricate motifs and forms on these new style of mats.

It wasn't easy but she did it.


Plastic Outdoor Rugs - Woven Mats

New plastic outdoor rugs mirror the original grid of squares design found in Siapo mats, a common feature of handmade mats in the South Pacific and Australasian regions. The process of weaving the floor mats means the mats are reversible, giving you two colour combinations to choose from.


plastic outdoor rugs production


Designer Rugs

The artists that work with Recycled Mats come from Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and Malaysia. Recycled Mats are proud supporters of the Indigenous Art Code, which ensures these phenomenal artists are paid fairly, either upfront in a lump sum or royalties at their choosing. We are hopeful that our actions and commitments to sustainable business inspire other businesses and companies to follow suit supporting cultural diversity and recognition of our indigenous forebears.


Fair Trade Agreements - Protecting People throughout the world.

Our floor mats are designed in Australia and made in family-owned factories in China. JJ and some of our team have visited in person on numerous occasions, which has satisfied them that their factories consider their responsibilities under fair-trade agreements.

The plastic used in our recycled plastic floor mats is recycled from things such as plastic shopping bags, car tyres, plastic cereal packets, medicine bottles and drink bottles, then dyed with non-toxic dyes. These floor mats and rugs are also spill and stain-resistant, can stand a higher level of wear and tear, are child-friendly, and do not begin to rot after being wet, unlike traditional Siapo mats.


plastic outdoor rugs - creation


Long lasting and affordable recycled plastic outdoor rugs

These recycled plastic floor mats boast a much longer shelf life than original Siapo mats, plus more versatility. They are easy clean too.

Simply shake it before you put it away, or for tougher stains, wash it down with a gentle hose and a soft broom. There’s no need for harsh chemicals or store-bought cleaning products. Another win for the environment!

Floor mats are also unique floor coverings that can be used as both indoor mats and outdoor mats. Many customers use floor mats at fetes and festivals to brighten their spaces, around their campground sites and under caravan awnings, on picnics and outings to rivers and beaches, at sporting events and workshops, in childcare and preschool settings, and in their homes and workplaces.

These recycled plastic outdoor rugs are increasingly being seen inside the home too, as stylish floor coverings in children's bedrooms, on decks, and in dining rooms. Floor mats make perfect seasonal decoration accessories too, and they make great gifts for the person who has everything.

If you love colour, creativity, and to make a statement, recycled plastic floor mats are the perfect accompaniment to your lifestyle.