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1 April 2018 

Stylish & Sustainable Designer Rugs

Stylish & Sustainable Designer Rugs

Style your home with one of our unique designer outdoor rugs.

At Recycled Mats, we've teamed up with innovative Aboriginal Australian designers to create a range of designer rugs with a difference.


Designer Rugs by Local Indigenous Artists

These designer rugs are a floor covering made of a thick woven material, but instead of the usual synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester, our designer rugs and mats are made from recycled polypropylene plastic transformed from old plastic shopping bags, medicine containers and PET drink bottles. 

Our designer mats are created by local Indigenous artists for a generous commission (and the possibility of royalties if they so choose), and their manufacture has contributed to saving over one million plastic bags in the past year too!

Don’t pay thousands for a designer rug without first taking a look at our range of mats featuring Aboriginal designs, Maori Designs and South Pacific designs featuring artwork by local artists. Our plastic rugs have been created with the warmer Australian and New Zealand climates in mind.


Choosing the Perfect Designer Rug

The first thing you need to do when choosing your designer rug is to measure your space with a tape measure.

With measurements in hand, we can help you decide if your space will best suit a round, rectangular, or square rug and what styles suit your dimensions.

You also need to consider what purpose this mat will serve. Possibly a Picnic Mat or a Beach Mat ?

Is it for:

  • your bedroom
  • a living area or lounge
  • a play space
  • or on the deck?


More Questions to help you choose the Perfect Designer Rug

  • Will children have access to it?
  • Will it be in a high traffic area, or a sacred space like a library?
  • Are you in need of a pop of colour, or a neutral rug to tone things down?
  • What will the visual impact of a designer rug do to my space?

It’s important to make sure your chosen designer rug does not overwhelm your home. But get it right, and your home will benefit – by looking more spacious and roomy, and showcasing your style and flair to your visitors.

Once you’ve thought about all that, it’s time to choose your designer rug or mat. Visit our website to see the entire collection of our Recycled Plastic mats.


Our most popular designer mats 

  • Tracks in Red and White, by Aboriginal Artist, De Greer Yindimincarlie is a vibrant rug that tells the story of traditional community life.
  • Garrima by Aboriginal Artist Christine Slabb. This gorgeous artist-designed mat comes in teal and white, or teal and navy, and was designed as part of a collaboration with the 2018 Commonwealth Games team for use in their Jarjum Children's area, and Elders Zone.


Learn more about our Designers

Our designers are our best assets, and we love to promote their work, both on our outdoor mats and their other endeavours too.

We invite you to read more about the Artists behind our Designer Rugs and recycled mats to get to know them, their stories, their culture and their community.