Step by Step Photographic Tutorial: How to fold a CIRCLE ROUND mat

Step by Step Photographic Tutorial: How to fold a CIRCLE ROUND mat

The first thing to know when folding a round circle mat correctly, no matter what the diameter, is to understand the role of the three fold/seam lines on the mat. 

The most important thing to ensure the longevity of your recycled plastic picnic mat is to remember that you DO NOT fold the round mat in half, along the spine. This may lead to a shortened life span of your mat.

To fold the mat correctly, please only fold on  the MOUNTAIN and CREVASSE folds, on either side of the circle, both of which are located on the 'third' - that is, on either side of the spine. For details of how to fold the mat, see below.

Step One: Take hold of the mat on one side, so that the folds of the mat are horizontal to your body. The easiest way to fold the mat is to lift the side of the mat closest to you, then fold it over concertina style (in a Z-like shape), so that the first quarter tucks under itself.

Step Two: This lifting motion gently lifts the middle section so it stands up straight.  The underside of the middle section of the mat then folds inwards onto itself.

Step Three: Finally, the top section of the mat gently falls into place on top, and rests on the concertina fold below itself.

Step Four: When your mat now resembles a long rectangle shape, it's time to fold one third in.

Step Five: Pick up the mat with one third tucked in.

Step Six: Fold the opposite third back over the middle of the mat and tuck it in place.

Step Seven: The mat folded correctly.

Step Eight: Pop the mat under your arm and you'll be ready for your next escapade.






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