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How do I care for my Recycled Fabric (Chindi) Rug?

Our stunning recycled Chindi and fabric rugs are made from a combination of cotton, jute, wool, denim and felt. These charming rugs are more delicate than their tougher plastic mat cousins and are designed for indoor use only.


Light vacuuming or spot-cleaning is the best approach when caring for these rugs. If you’re using soap, test it in a discreet area of the rug to ensure that there is no colour run or bleaching before applying it elsewhere. Being made from fabric and natural fibres, these mats should be dried flat to keep their shape.

We do not recommend putting any of these rugs in a washing machine. When spot cleaning, use only the amount of water needed to clean the area in need of care. Extensive water dousing will mean the rug needs a lot longer to dry which can lead to discolouration or mould in muggy environments.

For heavy soiling, commercial steam cleaning may be required. 

NOTE: Being hand-woven or hand-tufted, you may experience some "sprouting" of small tufts of fabric after some use. This is where some loose tufts of fabric pop up or extend above the surface of the pile. This is a normal occurrence and not a manufacturing defect. Please ensure that there is not a rotor (or beater) bar on your vacuum cleaner which is set too low as this can cause irritation to the fibres and result in them coming loose. Any individual threads that have come loose can be simply cut even with the pile surface. 

Use and storage

These mats are made of a blend of different dyed fabrics, so we cannot guarantee how colourfast the various components will be. Direct sunlight may affect the colour of the rugs, so we recommend using them in well-covered areas (protected from the elements) or indoors only.

Our rope and fabric rugs are very sturdy, suited to regular use and comfortable for sitting or walking on. Equally, however, they are an eye catching addition to room décor and colours will remain most vibrant if the rugs are not used in high traffic areas.