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How To Leave A Product Review At Recycled Mats

As one of our valued clients, your opinion matters. We love to get feedback and hear about the ways our customers are sharing and enjoying their Recycled Mats purchases.

By leaving a review on our site, you’re helping other people make an informed decision about their purchases as well as helping us provide the best service possible.

Want to leave us a product review? It only takes a minute! Here’s how it’s done…

How to leave a product review at Recycled Mats - Every product Review means we donate 1 extra tree per review to our regeneration project

Step 1.

Visit the product description page for your favourite Recycled Mats product.

Step 2.

Scroll down to the tabs below the product photos. You will see ‘Description’, ‘Specifications’ and ‘Reviews’.  Click on 'Reviews'.

Step 3.

Under ‘Reviews’ you can read what other people have had to say about their own unique recycled mats, runners, tables or cushions. They may also have left a star rating between 1 and 5.

To create your own review, click on the link that says ‘Write a product review’.

Here, you will need to enter a name and email address. Please note, your name will appear alongside the review but your email will not be shared publicly.

Next, write down your thoughts! Please feel free to tell us when and where you use our mats. What’s your favourite colour? What does your class or family think about their new rugs or cushions? How easy is it to clean your new mat?

Finally, give this product a star rating by clicking on the row of 5 stars below the review boxes. 5 means you love it! 1 means there’s some way we can improve. Please contact us any time if you any questions or concerns.

Step 4.

Click 'Preview'. This gives you a chance to read over what you’ve written before it appears on our site. Made a mistake or want to add more information? Easy! Click ‘edit review’ and make the changes. 

Finally, click 'Post Review'. You're done! 

Step 5.

You’ll get a notice to thank you for leaving your review. All of our reviews are then approved by our web team before they appear on the site. This is simply to make sure we don’t bore our readers with ‘spam’ reviews. We are only interested in genuine opinions and experiences from our valued clients.

Check back later in the day and you’ll be able to read your review below the product description.

Step 6.

Give yourself a big pat on the back for helping other customers enjoy our amazing, earth-friendly, multicultural products! Now go and relax on a nice, comfy mat! 

Need more information about how to leave a product review? Contact us and we'll talk you through it.