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1 November 2019 

Outdoor Kids Mats – Big Play Mats For Big Adventures!

Outdoor Kids Mats – Big Play Mats For Big Adventures!

Outdoor Kids Mats – Big Play Mats For Big Adventures!

Children’s play mats offer a safe but enjoyable zone for creative play, indoors or outdoors. The best mats will also be durable and long lasting, while enhancing the look of your home with on trend colours and textures. The other thing to look for? Space! Big ideas deserve a big play space, so choose an extra large mat that puts no limits on play time adventures.

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Kids mats for the discerning consumer

Choosing your perfect kids mats, particularly outdoor play mats, is not a decision to take lightly! Including a large play mat in your home or outdoor area will cause a shift in the way your children view play time. It’s amazing the impact the right environment can have on their creativity!

Kids mats that enhance play time

Play, as we know, is about much more than simple games. While playing, children discover the world around them. As they explore and manipulate toys, shapes and sounds, they actually enhance their cognitive development. Play based learning has a plethora of potential benefits for our children, including increased literacy, promoting social and emotional skills, and imaginative problem-solving.  

Play mats that can help to harness these aspects of child growth, allowing our children to explore their own independence and ‘tap into’ that creative spirit that we so desperately want them to develop. Guiding kids away from screens and down on the floor to invent, discover and negotiate seems old-fashioned to us sometimes, but it can have real benefits on behaviour, such as learning to take turns or empathise with other children.  

Ideally, you should look for a mat that is soft yet durable. A great kids mat is waterproof and easy to clean, and rolls up for storage when play time is over. A play mat should be of an appropriate size for BIG games, too, so that big ideas can be formed there.  

Kids mats from Recycled Mats

Kids mats from Recycled Mats embrace diverse cultural identities in their unique designs, while offering a play space that makes any child feel a sense of belonging.  

Circular kids mats

The Jurassic mat, Golden Wattle mat, Honey Ants mat, Ancestral Connectedness mat & Children's Garden mat are but a few of the large, durable kids mats that can help promote the positive aspects of play time in your home or garden. These mats are expansive and easy to clean, making them perfect for even the toughest play sessions.

Square kids mats

If you have a large space to cover, a square kids mat could be just what you’re looking for. The Gatherings mat, Yarning Circle mat and Journeys mat are reflective of cultural tradition and design and will perfectly complement your indoor or outdoor space.

Kids mats in and around your home

Don’t compromise on quality or design when it comes to selecting the ideal kids mats for your children. Add mats to bedrooms, playrooms or outdoor areas to protect surfaces, keep toys tidy and, most importantly, allow kids to be the cool, creative creatures they truly are!

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