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FAQ How To Choose The Right Size Mat For Your Room Recycled Mats

Our soft and comfy floor mats come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Whether you need a new camping mat, an art space for your kindy classroom or a colourful hall runner, we’ve got your floors covered!

But how do you know what’s the right size floor mat for your needs?

Start with the basics

1. Check the product description

Every product description at Recycled Mats includes details about its shape and dimensions. We will tell you whether it’s a large, rectangular mat or a smaller, circular mat, for example, along with some ideas for usage.

2. Measure your space

Grab your tape measure and write down the dimensions of your room. You may even like to sketch a room plan, to give you an idea of how much actual floor space you have that won’t be covered with other furniture. Check out our visual guide to choosing the right size mat below, or download it to print and keep while you're planning your space.  

3. Consider your purpose

Think carefully - what is the purpose of this rug?

For use in a classroom, library, community centre or campsite, you’ll need a recycled mat that fits your available floor space and is lightweight for storage in between uses.  Measure the size of your room, along with any cupboards or car storage options you’ll be using, before choosing the appropriate floor rug.

Guide to choosing right size mat for your room from Recycled Mats

For use in your home or office, there are a few more ‘design rules’ you may like to consider.

Learn the ‘design rules’ for home and office floor rugs  

In these spaces, you’re looking for function and flair. You’re keen to make a style statement, but you don’t want to compromise on comfort, safety or durability.

Interior designers know that well-placed floor coverings can make a room look bigger or more cosy, colourful or elegant, modern or vintage. Choose the right size and position it correctly in your room for maximum visual impact!

Rule 1: Visual impact

At Recycled Mats, we specialise in unique, eye-catching multicultural mats. Our stunning designs are often the focal point of a room, bringing a pop of colour to neutral walls or a global vibe to more eclectic spaces. 

If you want your mat to be a conversation starter, ensure it is not covered by furniture in its new home. Measure your room space and compare it to the dimensions of your preferred mat to make sure your furniture can sit outside the mat’s edges.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a comfortable, practical floor covering to go underneath furniture items, aim to achieve symmetry. Place a coffee table in the centre of the rug, for example, or chairs along the edges of your mat, so that the pattern is not distorted. This will have the added bonus of giving the room a spacious feel, rather than having all furniture squeezed into a corner.

Rule 2: Definition

Use your floor rug to define the spaces in your room and the vibe you’re keen to create. Form an intimate area for conversation by grouping furniture in the centre of a large rug, leaving an equal amount of rug exposed around the edges.

Make a room appear more spacious by choosing a rug that leaves a gap of around 30cm between the edge of the rug and the walls. This leaves plenty of space for arranging furniture without spoiling the visual impact of your mat. If the rug covers the entire floor up to the walls, it stops being a feature item.

Small rugs are ideal for doormats, bedside mats or when used as a set. A small rug in a large room, like a living room or office foyer, will look out of place. It will be lost in the space, rather than defining the qualities you desire.

Hall runners are true to their name - long and rectangular for running along hallway floors. Their compact size makes them versatile; try these as bedside mats, beach mats or wall hangings.

Rule 3: Safety

We don’t often think of floor mats as risky home décor items! But if your rug is in an area with busy foot traffic, you’ll want to make sure it is not a tripping or slipping hazard.

Choose a rug that is large enough to be anchored to the floor by furniture, such as the feet of a couch or a sideboard. In a dining room, aim for a rug large enough to sit under the table and all chairs, even when the chairs are pulled out. This taps into that all-important symmetry, but also prevents curling up the edges of your rug when chairs are moved around.

Similarly, in the office, ensure your mat is not obstructing the movement of desk chairs. It should also be secured to avoid slippage. Use furniture items to pin the edges, or add a rug underlay or double-sided tape.

Keep in mind that some recycled mats or fabric rugs may become indented if positioned under furniture for a long period. In this situation, look for a rug that has a border as part of its design so that furniture can sit along the edges without spoiling the main motif.

Choosing the right size mat ensures your purchase from Recycled Mats lasts longer, suits your lifestyle and becomes a beautiful, vibrant addition to the look of your room.

Need more information about choosing the right size mat? Download our helpful visual size guide or send us a message. We’re happy to help!