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Proud Dad & Husband. Master of all things Mechanical. In-house Builder. Surfer. Mountain Biker and “Go to Man” for warehouse operations & Volunteer Fireman.

Born in New Zealand in a small but now famous town, running barefooted around the hills and paddocks was a precursor to travel. After leaving Gods Own way back when for the obligatory 1 year OE it kinda took about 16 years to return. Hey no hurry, he figured out that you can’t see it all in that 1 year. Nu migrated with JJ and their 2 dogs at the time to Australia in 2006 looking for better opportunities.

Nu is a qualified mechanic, marine engineer, general all round handyman and now helps JJ run the business. A quiet achiever Nu has sailed around the world (picking up JJ along the way) mountain biked, surfed and dived in some rather remote places.

Having seen some amazing places and meeting incredible people along the way has only increased his thirst for travel and exploring different cultures. After many years in the marine industry it was time for change, and the growth of Global Kids Oz and Recycled Mats had it’s calling. Sure, working in an office and warehouse is rather erm different to super yachts but working along side his wife who exudes passion for making a difference in the world is a blessing.

The life style has changed a bit now with Little “O” running around under our feet but in no way has life slowed down. You may only catch a glimpse of Nu every once in a while but rest assured he is there keeping things flowing in the background. Nu is in the process of becoming an Australian citizen too - Yahhhhhh, Aussie, Aussie Aussie.