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Round Mats

Choose from a broad range of colours, textures, patterns and sizes and embellish any space in your home, workplace or educational centre. Browse through our collection of round mats below, we have something just for you.

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Recycled Plastic Mat, Violet, Black & White


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Indian Design Recycled Floor Rug, Jute, Natural & Black


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Recycled Plastic Mat


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Aboriginal Design Recycled Mat, Teal & White


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More about our Round Mats

Round mats are easy to work with in interior design, creating softer lines and inclusivity to any space. Available in a wide range of sizes, round mats are now incredibly versatile. Thanks to their distinctive and stylish look, round mats create a refreshing and varied feel to any space. Their round profile provides a great contrast against the straight lines and square edges which creates an aura of creativity and vivacity. With the infusion of different patterns, textures and drawings, round mats equally compliment and accentuate classic and modern styles of interior design.


At Recycled mats, our round mats are more than a vibrant flooring option. Deeply entrenched in the values of integrity and sustainability, we are a company that not only cares about fulfilling our customer needs but also about caring about what makes life great. Our mats, like all other products in our collection are authentically made by indigenous artists from 100% recycled materials. We deliver quality products whilst caring for mother earth and preserving a healthy environment for our future generations. Additionally, we work directly with artists and communities best represented by these products. This helps us to not only guarantee quality of our products but also to ensure that the artists and communities are respected, valued and competitively remunerated for their work.


Order one of our mats today and transform your space into a vibrant and cosy area. Place them under your coffee table or dining table to create an extra area of interest. Use our mats to brighten up and zone off areas of your living room. The possibilities are endless.