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7 May 2020 

ShooAway and I mean it!

ShooAway and I mean it!

Keep it natural – with a ShooAway Fly Repellent

No one wants their picnic or BBQ invaded by flying nasties. We spend time preparing the food for our family and friends... it's not a free lunch for those little critters simply flying past! So we have the solution – the famous ShooAway Fly Repellent.

The ShooAway is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of all those unwanted and irritating flies, that's right no sprays needed. ShooAway’s are safe, non-toxic and child and pet friendly too no need for fly nets or toxic sprays. They are ideal for barbeques, camping and caravan trips, kids parties, picnics or entertaining at home – and the ShooAway even keeps flying pests out of your wine glass!


Simply place the ShooAway close to food and turn it on. They are guaranteed to shoo flies away from your barbeque food, and are a great help when prepping meats. The ShooAway is also ideal for keeping annoying flies off your nibbles or cheese and cracker platters for when your family and friends come over. Pop one into your picnic hamper ready for the next time you set up your picnic table and enjoy a fly-free time outdoors.

For larger parties, effectively use two ShooAways or more depending on the size of your get-together to keep the flies at bay and your guests safe and comfortable. Use one ShooAway outside to keep flies off the barbeque food and use the other ShooAway inside where the food is prepared in the kitchen. For a 6-8 seat dining table, two ShooAways are recommended. They are also perfect to keep flies away from our beautiful picnic tables once you have lovingly created your platter of choice! 

The strategically placed soft-touch blades rotate quietly and are safe to touch, making them completely child-friendly. Reach for food and the soft blades will stop when touched, and will start turning again once you move your hand away. ShooAway uses patented hologram technology – it is not the movement of the blades or any fan effect but the holograms in the blades that scatter and diffuse the light that the flies hate. Portable, lightweight and cord-free with motor testing up to 1000 hours, you can take your ShooAway on your next camping trip or family picnic, enjoying fly free entertaining with a natural bug deterrent, all day (and night) long!

ShooAway’s also make great gifts – so why not buy an extra one and keep it handy for that unexpected gift. ShooAway is now available in both white or black to suit any colour scheme.

Note: Using 2 quality AA batteries, ShooAway is expected to run for approximately 30 hours. Don't take our word for it though, check out what others have said:

Heather said, "Work's well, has to be close, no flies on our food and no little fingers getting hurt, will buy again, thank you"

Kevin said, "I purchased 2 ShooAways because I saw them in action on the Atherton Tablelands during lunch and I was really impressed"

Maz said, "Just wanted to let you know that we just love ShooAway! We are a BnB and all our guests think it is the best thing they have ever seen, so simple but clever"

JJ said, "I was bought this as a gift for Christmas ( thanks Andrea ), now we stock them on our website. The first week we used it over summer, all of our friends had asked where we got it from, so we thought we might as well stock them!"

Order yours NOW - Buy ShooAway for yourself and grab a couple as gifts too, your friends and family will thank you for it.