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31 December 2018 

Celebrating Torres Strait Island Culture

Celebrating Torres Strait Island Culture

Named after a Spanish Navigator and Captain, the Torres Strait Islands boast of unique and rich culture. The Torres Strait Islands are made up of 18 inhabited islands, around 100 uninhabited islands and two mainland communities located off the northern tip of Australia. Celebrate, embrace and share this rich heritage in a fun and engaging way with our selection of vibrant, authentic Torres Strait Island design mats.

Celebrating Torres Strait Island Culture

Our collection of Torres Strait Island Mats are a celebration of the Torres Strait culture and also a comfortable and functional addition to any space. All our mats are authentically designed by Indigenous artists with firsthand experience and understanding of the Torres Strait Island culture. This makes our Torres Strait Island Mats designs a true depiction of this plenteous culture we love. Our Torres Strait Island Mats are incredibly functional - They are ideal for the classroom, playroom or any other space where people gather to share food, conversations or for group time.

Thought Provoking Indigenous Designs

Our Torres Strait Island Mats feature culturally inspired designs that strike curiosity and encourage imagination. Featuring intriguing colours and unique Indigenous designs, these mats are something to admire. These designs provoke creativity, imagination and exploration making them ideal for young children with developing minds. By exposing children to different cultures, the Torres Strait Island Mats help students to learn to appreciate, celebrate and embrace diversity. All this learning can be accomplished while they eat or play on the recycled plastic mat.

Caring for Mother Earth with Torres Strait Island Culture Mats

Like with all our products, the Torres Strait Island Mats are made from recycled polypropylene, keeping in line with our business ideals of integrity and sustainability. Our innovative recycled plastic is incredibly comfortable and soft for walking and sitting on, cool in the summer and warm in the colder months. Our Torres Strait Island Mats are lightweight, reversible, beautiful, culturally inspiring and can easily be hosed down if dirty.

Browse our collection and grab one (or a few!) of Torres Strait Island Mats for use in the classroom, at home or in the office, as well as in picnics, boats and caravans. Fit for use in both outdoor and indoor spaces.