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2 September 2019 

Why is Choosing Caravan Annex Mats SO HARD?

Why is Choosing Caravan Annex Mats SO HARD?

Choosing the right caravan annex mat really is key to getting the most out of your outdoor adventuring. Not only will it substantially extend your living space once parked up, it'll set the stage for entertaining, dining, story-telling, play time and just general horizon gazing. Some of the most memorable times when camping and caravanning are spent on the annex mat, relaxing after a full day of hiking or fishing, exchanging tales, chatting and laughing, enjoying meals, making new friends.

And your annex matting doesn’t have to be drab in order to be durable. You might elect to use mats that are brightly coloured with bold graphics or opt for something that is subtle in design (think geometrics) and soft on the eye in terms of colour. Visually pleasing, yet tough, an annex mat that can bring a sense of fun and peace to your outdoor experience and extend the good vibes from the inside out - or the outside in! - is the ultimate travel companion.

It also goes without saying that the annex matting you choose needs to not only be functional and sturdy, you'll also want it to complement your set-up and be a reflection of your personality. Thankfully, here at Recycled Mats we have arguably Australia's biggest and most diverse collection to choose from, ranging from 1.8m square picnic mats right up to a whopping 2.4 x 7m! But choosing the right annex mat doesn’t need to be difficult … you just need to keep a few basics in mind. 

The main thing to consider when selecting annex matting is SIZE. Your awning fabric length will inform your decision when it comes to this but you should also think about how the annex space will be used and by how many people.

Most folks opt for an annex mat that fits under the shade and protection of their awning and whilst it might seem like a good idea to have your mat extend beyond the size of the annex, keep in mind that we don’t recommend that you expose your mat (or part of it) to continual, direct sunlight. If you do want additional “floor” space on social occasions that extend beyond the annex, you might consider adding an additional smaller mat for this purpose – one that can be easily brought back indoors without having to disturb the larger annex mat.


(pictured: Ningaloo mat 1.8 x 2.7m and Diamond 2.4 x 6m)

Your annex mat size will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Small 2.4x4m (weight ± 4.6kg)

  • Medium 2.4x5m (weight ± 6.1kg)

  • Large 2.4x6m (weight ± 7.0kg)

  • X-large 2.4x7m (weight ± 7.9kg), coming in mid 2022!

Please note that all annex mats in 4, 5, 6 & 7m include a heavy-duty carry bag AND are equipped with eyelets for tie-down purposes.

So, let’s start with the largest first.

23+ ft plus Caravans would best suit our X-large mat:
- 2.4 x 7m (weight ± 7.9kg), though a 6m could also be used. 

This bad boy is a new addition to our range, due in stock mid 2022!

You can check it out here​​​​​​​

21-23 ft plus Caravans would need our large mat:
- 2.4 x 6m (weight ± 7.0kg), although a 5m would be fine too.

Click here to see our range of 6m annex mats 

WILDERNESS MAT 2.4X6M(pictured: Wilderness 2.4 x 6m)

18-20 ft Caravans would suit:
- 2.4 x 5m (weight ± 6.1kg) however, you could also use a 4m or 6m mat.

Click here to see our range of 5m caravan annex mats

15-18 ft Caravans are best suited to:
- 2.4 x 4m (weight ± 4.6kg)

You can see our full range of 4m caravan annex mats here


(pictured: Camp Oz 2.4 x 4m, under awning Diamond 2.4 x 6m)

11-14 ft Caravans would best suit:
- 3 x 3m (weight ± 4.1kg)
- 2.7 x 2.7m (weight ± 3.4kg)
- 1.8 x 2.7m (weight ± 2.2kg)

Click here to see this range of Recycled Outdoor Mats

Teardrop Camper Trailers are all about size as they are compact and space saving and suit our:
- 1.8 x 2.7m (weight ± 2.2kg)

Please see our 1.8 x 2.7m mat range here 


(pictured: Tracks 1.8 x 2.7m)

Roof Top Tents/Camper Trailers for 4x4s are designed for ease and comfort. These are also probably best suited to:

- 1.8 x 2.7m (weight ± 2.2kg)

Other options for people requiring a smaller amount of cover which are easy to use as a picnic or play mat are:

- 1.8 x 1.8m (weight ± 1.7kg)

Click here for our 1.8 x 1.8m range.

Disclaimer: All annexes are slightly different from one another. This is purely a guide for you to use as a gauge. Some people also prefer a slightly longer or wider annex mat than others. It’s important to choose the mat that’s right for you and your family.

And please keep in mind that we don't just offer annex matting! Our range of Turf and Muk Mats perfectly complements the outdoor plastic mats and are specifically designed to keep dirt and mud where they belong....outside your caravan, tent, annex or trailer! The artificial grass that comprises the mats is ideal for removing sand, grass and general muck from bare feet and shoes and can be cleaned with a simple shake or hose off. Easily positioned where foot traffic enters your space, they're a cinch to roll up for storage and transport. 

We also offer a large range of other camping accessories including firepits, picnic tables, non-toxic insect repellents, Shooaways, sand-free beach mats and towels, and travel games. Your one-stop shop for all your outdoor adventure needs!

Our annex floor matting is purposefully designed with your camping requirements in mind. The mats are tough but feature both comfort and style that is sure to enhance any camping or caravanning experience. They’re also easy to maintain and keep clean as well as be comfortably and quickly stored when it’s time to leave ... or you get back to reality! 

Camping and caravanning are a journey that you take - alone or with loved ones - to get away from it all and relax in amongst the tranquility of the Australian bush or coastal regions. Choosing the perfect annex mat has the power to enrich your experience and transform it into one that is unforgettable and truly special.