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2 September 2019 

Why is Choosing Caravan Annex Mats SO HARD?

Why is Choosing Caravan Annex Mats SO HARD?
Choosing the right caravan annex mat is dependent on your requirements in terms of space, foot traffic and durability. Size is the first element to consider. Your awning fabric length will inform your decision when it comes to caravan annex mats and floor matting. Your caravan annex size will roughly fall into the following categories.
A small caravan awning fabric length will be 4.3m or smaller. A medium will be between 4.6m and 6.1m, and a large awning will take up 6.4m plus.
Caravan awnings are measured in terms of the space between your caravan and the extended length of the outdoor setting. You should take measurements like these into consideration when making your choice. Think about what the space will be used for, the number of people who will be staying with you and your capacity to use the space to entertain, relax and reflect on your time away from home.

Shopping for a Floor Mat for your Caravan Annex or Caravan Awning

When considering a floor mat for your camping needs, it’s important to take into account the mat’s purpose. We all camp differently, be it rustic or ‘glamping,’ so it is important to take not only aesthetics into account but durability as well.
Your caravan annex floor matting does not have to be drab in order to be durable. You can elect to use mats that are brilliantly coloured, made from sustainable and recycled materials and that are easily cleaned. Visually pleasing, yet tough, mats can bring a sense of fun and peace to your outdoor experience and extend the good vibes from the inside out, or the outside in! Camping and caravanning are a journey that you take with loved ones to get away from it all and relax in amongst the tranquillity of the Australian bush or coastal regions. Choosing the perfect caravan annex mat will enhance your experience and transform your trip into something unforgettably special.
Your best bet is to select a mat that is soft yet sturdy, that can take whatever the weather (and the campers) throw at it. Selecting a mat carefully designed by an Indigenous artist can enhance your camping experience as you enjoy the brilliant, intentional design and artistry that tells a story of heritage, culture and tradition.

Consider the Best Mats to Suit by Size and Function

Your outdoor mat needs to be size matched to your caravanning needs. This is where some of your family’s best, most long-lasting memories will be made. Imagine gathering together for a meal after an exhausting day of bush-walking or fishing. Breaking bread out the front of your caravan as you reflect on the beautiful time you have spent together, bearing witness to the wonder and peace that Australian landscapes are able to deliver in spades. This is the space where you come together to relax, reminisce and  regroup in order to plan your next adventure. It’s important to choose the right mat that will enhance, rather than detract, from your camping and caravanning adventure.
The mats at Recycled Mats are sturdy and easily cleaned (you can use a hose!), making them the ideal choice for the life of a busy camper. They are purposefully designed to be both stylish and practical – they can be tied down once onsite, meaning that they’ll quickly become part of the furniture and won’t cause any issues by flying up or coming loose. You can also add extra eyelets to your mat to personalise it for your needs.
Which awning or annexe should you choose? There are a lot of competitors on the market. Here are the top three best sellers who can accommodate your changing camping needs.


Best Sellers for Awnings and Annexes in Australia

Perhaps your caravan comes with an inbuilt annex already. If not, here are the best sellers for caravan annex and caravan awnings in Australia. These suppliers are committed to quality, customer service and providing the best possible materials that are suited to the temperamental Australian climate. They keep the shade in and the sun out and also ensure that your setup is either cool or warm depending on the time of year that you are travelling.


This company designs and delivers caravan annexes and awnings in most capital cities. They can custom build based upon your individual preferences and requirements. XTEND OUTDOORS also offer installation as part of their service.

Annexe Solutions

Annexe Solutions offer a variety of annexe and awning products that are colourful and perfectly designed to enhance your outdoor experience. They can offer onsite measuring and fitting (within a three-hour radius of Sydney) or post plain and printed shades to purchasers who live outside of those boundaries. These solutions are easy to fix and are supported by a 3-year warranty.

Caravan RV Camping

High quality and dependable, durable materials are the main concerns when it comes to Caravan RV Camping’s annexes and awnings. These key items can extend your living space while on the road as well as protect you from the elements, all the while being affordable and easily assembled. The privacy screens are plain coloured so will easily match to your caravan, creating a seamless effect that will be enhanced by the selection of colourful caravan annexe matting solutions.

Get Your Floor Measurements and Determine Best Fit for Your Purposes

Prior to the purchase of your durable, reliable, outdoor matting solution, it’s important to take into consideration your floor space dimensions.
Using the above listed sizes as a guide, you should be in a good position to select the mat that is the right choice for you. Consider if you want to completely fill the space, partially cover it or have the mat size extend beyond your annex to accommodate for shoes and outdoor equipment. Considering these mats are designed to weather the great outdoors, you can expect them to get a lot of use and still come up squeaky clean after a quick hose off!

Choosing the Best Mat for your Camping Needs

Recycled Mats are purposefully made with your camping requirements in mind. They are tough but feature comfort and style that is sure to enhance your camping experience. They are easy to maintain and keep clean as well as being able to be comfortably and quickly stored when it’s time to leave (or when you get back to reality!). Recycled Mats are proud to offer Afterpay and Zip Pay options as well as a 30-day return policy.

These mats measure between 2.4x4m and 2.4x6m, making them an ideal choice for a range of caravan annex spaces or the standard size of a caravan annex.



This outdoor plastic mat is beautifully designed in black and grey, bringing a touch of style and class to your outdoor area. The easy-on-the-eye pattern will blend seamlessly into your outdoor design and make the perfect companion piece to any caravan on the market. This design comes in either 2.4x6m or 2.4x4m, allowing it for use across a range of caravan annexe sizes. View our entire range of annex mats and accessories here


Gum Leaves & Waterholes

This choice represents an evocative, colourful design that presents in teal, grey and white. This is a perfect choice for those looking to add a splash of colour to their caravan annex floor matting motif and it’s a perfect symbol of the calm and serenity that a camping experience can offer your family. This picture-perfect design is offered in a size of 2.4x5m. We have multiple designs and sizes of annex mats, view them all here.



Choosing the Best Caravan and Annexe or Awning Set Up

It’s important to factor in all of your requirements before committing to purchase. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • ·What will I be using this outdoor space for?
  • ·What are my expectations when it comes to flooring?
  • ·What ‘foot traffic’ is likely when it comes to the use of this outdoor mat and area?
  • ·Will I have the tools required (access to water and hoses) in order to clean my mat carefully before stowing it away in order to maintain its integrity?
  • ·Am I interested in selecting sustainable, recycled materials to improve my carbon footprint?
Do I want to support the work of talented Indigenous artists?
Your caravan annexe or awning should be sturdy and, if possible, professionally fitted to your caravan setup. Work with your supplier to ensure that you are getting the most durable, yet functional add-ons required to best suit your needs.
Selecting your caravan annexe matting does not need to be an arduous task if you are informed about your purchase ahead of time. Recycled Mats are durable, designed and influenced by Indigenous culture, and easily stored and cleaned. They’re the perfect choice for the discerning camper.

Planning a camping trip? Ensure that you shop from our range of caravan annexe and awnings mats here. You will also find a variety of other camping products perfectly designed to improve your next camping experience.