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3 January 2019 

Romantic Beach Picnic Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Beach Picnic Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Beach Picnics are THE solution to making Valentine’s Day special for your other half.

It’s the perfect place to share bubbles and cuddles for two.

All you have to do is pick your perfect spot, rock up with a picnic basket filled with your favourite goodies, tuck a stylish picnic mat under your arm, and settle in for a sunset sensation.

What to bring to a picnic

Our favourite time to picnic on the beach is late afternoon when the sun’s power has begun to fade, along with the heat of the day. As practiced picnickers, our suggestion is to lay out an outdoor rug under the cover of a shady tree or tucked up beside the dunes for a little extra shelter and protection. 

We don’t like sand in our food or drinks so we make sure to bring a portable picnic table too. The legs unfold easily to make a sturdy table, complete with a pair of wine glass holders and plenty of room for a yummy cheese or antipasto platter too. Just as easy to fold away and carry home, it's an absolute must for portable picnics to even the most remote romantic spot!

We make sure to have our favourite Spotify playlist ready to go, preloaded with our fave romantic songs. (“Lady in Red” anyone?) Tucking a bottle of exquisite Moet or Veuve Clicquot champagne under your arm is our recommendation on how to make Valentine’s Day special and even more memorable than usual! 

Beach picnic food ideas

Of course, a beach or riverside picnic is not a picnic without something to nibble. When packing a picnic for two, we can’t go past finger food. Who wants the bother of plates and cutlery on a picnic? Not us.

romantic beach picnic ideas

Here’s our top 10 romantic picnic food ideas.

  1. Fresh sashimi slices – salmon, tuna, and whitefish are delicious. Be sure to bring a leak-proof container of soy sauce and wasabi too.
  2. Cold prawns and a dipping sauce (keep that plastic bag handy for the scraps) or Oysters, but only if you don’t mind a slurp
  3. A selection of gooey cheeses – try at least one soft white cheese from the Tasmanian-owned King Island Dairy.
  4. Antipasto – marinated artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, jarred roasted red and yellow bell peppers, pickled onions, sweet pickles, pine nuts, dried figs, dried apricots, sardines, marinated mozzarella and boconocini balls, stuffed dolmades, and olives of all shapes and sizes – pitted, non-pitted, stuffed. Savoury scrumptiousness. For the meat eaters, a selection of rolled ham slices, salami, and pepperoni slices
  5. Artisan crackers and crispy breads – there’s no place for cheap supermarket crackers when you can pair cheese, olives, and antipasto with cracker heaven. Anything rosemary or salt-encrusted gets our tick of approval. If you make your own to take along, we bow down in homage to you, dear masterchef.
  6. Take your pick - sourdough bread (preferably sliced), sourdough rolls, pita bread, a French stick, toasted focaccia, or warmed homemade garlic bread. If you can pack a cold pack into your picnic basket or esky, then a stick of organic butter from grass-fed cows is a decadent contribution to your picnic.
  7. Moreish dips- hommus is our favourite. Next up is pesto, then black olive tapenade or beetroot dip.  Tomato relish or mango chutney are other options.
  8. A bowlful of mixed roasted nuts, toasted almonds or salted pistachios
  9. Wedges of rockmelon, honeydew melon, or watermelon
  10. Chocolate. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, especially the old favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk

MORE fun picnic ideas for couples

When the eating is done, and it’s time to relax on your picnic rugs here’s a few fun ideas to enjoy together. 

  • Take a pack of playing cards. Uno is an old favourite too.
  • Leave all other devices at home, or lock them in the car.
  • Write 10 bucket list-type places you'd love to visit together
  • Write a list of shared goals you’d like to achieve in the next 12 months.
  • Play Mr Squiggle – challenge each other to finish one another’s swirly doodles on the page.
  • Question time. Find out your loved one’s favourite things and take note for next time – favourite song, place, time of day, book, quote, colour, food, dessert, drink, special memory, shared memory, flower, scent, sport, and things to do.

If the weather is a bit so-so, swap your beach picnic for a romantic indoor picnic, or if you prefer non-sandy picnics, take a look at our list of fun picnic spots here. Happy Valentine’s Day!