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Caitlin Trindall

Kamilaroi Country

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Caitlin Trindall is a proud Kamilaroi woman. Her family are from Narrabri, a little country town in Northern NSW. Caitlin was born and raised in Sydney, on Dharawal Country and was brought up to be very proud and connected to her culture.

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Art has always been a big part of Caitlin's life, both her parents are very creative and have passed on their love of art. However, the artworks that she treasures most have been passed down by her Grandfather, a Kamilaroi Elder who made didgeridoos, painted boomerangs and carved emu eggs.

"I first began creating my own artworks in 2016 as a way to feel a deep connection to my Grandfather when he became quite sick. For me, it was a way to feel close although we were physically far apart, and I drew inspiration from him and his life. Since then, I have found a real love and passion for creating all kinds of artworks, including original canvas artworks, emu eggs, murals, homewares, and accessories," says Caitlin.

Caitlin takes great pride in her work, and spends a lot of time drafting designs, choosing the perfect colours, and putting love into every dot and paint stoke she creates.

Her artworks are a careful collision of both traditional and contemporary art - often using traditional symbols to share messages and stories within the artwork, but will also the use of bright vibrant colours to create a modern feel.

"Creating art gives me purpose, it heals my soul and fills my heart with joy. The connections I have developed with people and communities through my artwork is incredible, and it has given me a stronger sense of identity to my people and my culture," says Caitlin.

Caitlin is thrilled to collaborate with Recycled Mats!
"I’m proud to have my design on a product that has been ethically produced, and to work with a company that takes responsibility for creating environmentally friendly products," she says.

Visit Caitlin Trindall's Mirii Art website to learn more about her.

‘Mirii’ Art: The word ‘mirii’ means ‘star’ in Gamilaraay language, the traditional language of Caitlin's mob.

"Mirii is a very important and inspirational word for me. When my beautiful Poppy passed away in 2017, my brother performed a traditional smoking ceremony to send Poppy back up to the stars to be with our ancestors. I am forever inspired by him, and I feel very connected to him when I look up at the stars, and when I’m painting. This is how ‘Caitlin Trindall – Mirii Art’ was born.:" - Artist Caitlin Trindall 2019