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1 November 2019 

Make An Impression! Stunning Entrance Mats for Australian Tourism Providers

Make An Impression! Stunning Entrance Mats for Australian Tourism Providers

Make An Impression! Stunning Entrance Mats for Australian Tourism Providers

Commercial entrance mats add a certain magic to the foyer of your tourism business – particularly our beautiful Indigenous mats designed and made by talented local Indigenous artists. Decking out your tourism business in Australiana décor is a stroke of genius, adding to the authenticity of the experience your customers will enjoy. Your hotel, tourism information centre, Indigenous gallery, or other tourist venture will entice and delight with our gorgeous mats – all celebrating and showcasing the oldest continuous culture on the planet. Read on to find out more about our commercial entrance mats.

Why go for the Australiana décor or Indigenous themes?

When tourists visit a local information centre, a touring business, or a hotel in a tourism-rich area, they’re after that quintessential ‘Australian’ experience. They’re after the red sandy soil, the laugh of a kookaburra at dusk, the smell of eucalyptus, and the silver gleam of snake scales. Essentially, they’re after everything that makes Australia a memorable, exotic destination. That is exactly what our beautiful Indigenous entrance mats offer, and why Australiana décor is so important.

Our Aboriginal entrance mats celebrate vibrant Aboriginal cultures, as well as the harsh but beautiful Australian landscape. With glorious colours and sophisticated textures and patterns, these iconic mats add a welcome burst of colour and life to your hotel foyer or commercial space. These mats are all designed by experienced and talented Indigenous artists who display a deep understanding of their unique cultures, while helping to preserve them.

We also have a range of placemats, mousemats & cushion cover designs to compliment any accommodation areas, foyers, receptions or office spaces

About the artists

The Indigenous artists who design our beautiful entrance mats come from all over the country. From areas like country Victoria, outback Queensland, the Torres Strait, and the red centre, these Indigenous artists offer images from cultures based on the desert, the woodland, and the sea. The colours evoke imagery thousands of years old, based on stories handed down through the generations.


Manta Ray Mat by Helen Price

Our previously stocked Manta Ray mat was just one stunning example, designed by Helen Price, a Queensland artist from Darumbal country. The vivid blue manta sails across a dark seabed, passing seashells, and leaving currents in its wake. In all, it’s a representation of the respect that local people have for ocean life. 

Emu and Kangaroo Tracks Mat

Our Emu and Kangaroo Tracks mat shows off something iconic to central Australia – our native emblems. Designed by De Greer Yindimincarlie of the Wiradjuri Nation in central New South Wales, this mat is a fantastic starting point for Aboriginal storytelling and symbology. It features emu and kangaroo tracks at three campsites, with the emu tracks heading west, and the kangaroo tracks heading east. At the centre campsite is a group of women, while the other sites are surrounded by men. Wherever your tourist centre or gallery is located, these symbols invite cultural connection and learning.  

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