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How do I care for my Recycled Plastic Mat?

Our recycled mats, including our Aboriginal mats and large child care play mats, have been made to the best attainable standards from UV treated recycled Polypropylene. This gives them excellent protection from sun damage but we do not recommend leaving them in continuous direct sunlight or moisture.

They are also mould-resistant, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, lightweight and reversible, making them extremely practical for daily use in any environment!

Your recycled plastic mats will arrive folded for ease of transport. When you receive your mat, it will have fold marks. These folds will drop out over time; normally it takes a few weeks but high temperatures may speed up the process. The plastic has a short 'memory' of being folded so to help it 'forget' the fold line, simply pop your mat out in the sun for a few days. Hang the mat over your washing line, for example.  

Keep in mind that a short time in the sun is not harmful but day in/day out sun will affect the longevity of your mat. Of course, if you fold your mat up at the end of each day, such as in a classroom, the fold lines will remain.


When it comes to cleaning, your plastic Polypropylene indoor/outdoor mats can be shaken off or vacuumed for dust and dirt. For heavier soiling, take your mat outside and rinse with a hose. We do not recommend abrasive or chemical cleaning products. Check out our blog post for a little more info if needed!

If food or dirt is wedged into the woven fabric of the mats, use warm water and a soft broom to lightly scrub the dirt out. Allow to dry on a fence or washing line. We do not recommend using a Gerni or other intense water cleaner as the mat fibres can blow apart under pressure.

Use and storage

Our ethical, recycled mats are sturdy and hard-wearing but like any floor covering, they can get damaged by rough daily use .... and over-zealous pets!

We suggest that you do not keep heavy items on your mats, especially when in storage, as this may leave permanent dents in the mats.

If using your indoor/outdoor mat beneath a table setting, ensure that the feet of the chairs and tables are large enough to not dig into the weave, and be particularly careful to not continually drag furniture across the mats, as this can also cause irreparable damage.

To store your indoor/outdoor mat when not in use, we suggest that you fold it along the same fold lines with which it was delivered to you. You can see our folding videos on the product page of each recycled plastic mat - please note the instructions carefully. Our recycled mats are easily stored in cupboards or the back of the car, preferably out of direct sunlight to avoid deterioration.

If your mat is getting extensive daily use, the seams can begin to pull apart over a period of time. It is possible to re-stitch these back together using a strong cotton or fishing twine and a large needle. 

If using your plastic mats on a wood or tile floor we suggest that you anchor the corners down with the edge of a couch or desk, or use a non-skid underlay to keep it in place.