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What materials are your environmentally-responsible products made from?

At Recycled Mats we stock a range of deluxe, environmentally-responsible products for indoor and outdoor use. Our motto is "For the love of culture, for the love of our environment" which is why we use recycled materials in all our products, wherever possible.

We estimate that we repurpose more than 25,000kg of discarded materials each year in the production of our mats, rugs and household items! This includes plastics (polypropylene and PET), rubber from car tyres plus cotton and polyester from fabric off-cuts.  Every ‘scrap’ we can save and reuse means less waste going to landfill.

Another great thing about using recycled plastics and rubber is that it makes our floor and door mats super easy to clean. You can put away all the abrasive, toxic chemical cleaning products you’d normally need for a playmat or camping rug!

Recycled plastic floor mats

Our soft, comfy and colourful range of recycled plastic floor mats is made from recycled polypropylene. This is a plastic polymer found in medicine bottles, tin foil, shopping bags, drink bottles, carpet fibres and many other household and industrial products. It's very slow to degrade in landfill but can be melted down for recycling into other products.

To create these stylish indoor/outdoor floor mats, plastics are melted down to a thick syrupy consistency which is then put into large vats. Colours are mixed into the ‘syrup’, which is then forced through a small pipe (like a piping bag for icing) to form a thick, round weaving material. This is then quickly cooled down so that it will harden and form a strong plastic thread.

This thread is woven onto spools which can be put onto a loom. Our mats are woven together using an electric loom for fast, consistent production. Once the panels have been woven they are trimmed and the ends are stitched with black end tape. For larger mats, panels may be stitched to each other before finishing. A large floor mat takes around 15 minutes to weave once the polypropylene content is placed on the loom.

Recycled rubber doormats

The recycled material used in our rubber doormats is imported from China. These mats are made from discarded car tyres which do not biodegrade and are a major cause of landfill concern around the world.

Our fairtrade-friendly Chinese factories make these mats and send them to Australia. Here, we have them screen printed locally with our unique, custom designs using eco-friendly dyes.

Recycled fabric textile rugs

Our impressive range of textile rugs includes gorgeous Indian cotton chindi rugs and runners, jute floor mats and chic floor coverings made from wool. These exotic fabric rugs make use of discarded materials from clothing and furniture factories across India.

The process is amazing to watch! You can read more about our visit to a chindi rug manufacturer on our blog here. Fabric pieces are woven into long ropes – or ‘chindi’ – then twisted and sewn by hand into some of our beautiful floor rugs. The great thing about this process is that the ropes can be made by anyone, anywhere, providing flexible, work-at-home opportunities for families.

If you browse our woolen rugs, you’ll see they’re hand-tufted. Jute (or string) rugs are also created by hand then carefully burned to tidy up stray threads. Our expert manufacturers use local techniques and expertise passed down through generations to create these charming treasures out of other people’s discarded waste.

Recycled wood summer picnic tables

Even our must-have picnic tables are environmentally responsible! The recycled or sustainable wood used in these tables gives them character and contributes to an eco-friendly furniture production industry. They’re in high demand, though, so non-recycled wood is sometimes used if there’s a shortage – but the aim is to include as much recycled and sustainable product as possible.

Cushion covers

Our fabulous cushion covers are made from varying materials (depending on the design) including polyester, recycled polyester & organic cotton. They're easy to care for, machine washable and will bring both colour and style to any space. 


We endeavour to minimise the amount of office and packaging waste wherever possible. Not only do we opt for courier bags made from recycled content but we also supply carry bags for most of our mats that are manufactured from either recycled plastic or recycled polyester. Supplying beautiful products doesn’t have to cost the Earth!

If you have any further questions about the ways in which we commission designs, work with recycled materials and produce our mats, cushions and other items, please contact us today