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12 October 2018 

Check out the huge range of hand-crafted Indian Rugs in our store

Check out the huge range of hand-crafted Indian Rugs in our store

When you set up a start up company that is focused on being sustainable and community minded, everyone in the team has to be onboard with the vision. JJ's goal for Recycled Mats has always been to work collaboratively with communities, supporting other small businesses and families as part of our manufacturing endeavours. We are proud that our Indian rugs do this and more.

 Indian rugs - Chindi

Indian Rugs made in Panipat

The range of Indian rugs available at Recycled Mats are crafted in the region of Panipat in India. Recycled Mats helps employ over 250 villagers across 12 different villages in the area. The work is flexible and portable, so many of our crafters are able to choose their work hours and level of involvement. This ranges from full time work, part time work, and some crafters work weekends or evenings around their children and families. There are some who pick up a bit of seasonal work to supplement their family income from time to time, and others who work at this as their second job.

The workshops are open six days a week, which gives workers a bit of flexibility in completing their tasks. Most of the people on the Indian Rugs team also live within walking distance of the workshops so they are able to pop home to check on their families if necessary.

As a business that is committed to ethical and sustainable practices as one of our core values, our Recycled Mats team members have visited with their Indian Rugs suppliers on numerous occasions to see the works in progress and meet with the people who so diligently bring their creations to life. JJ and the team at Recycled Mats are beyond happy with the quality of our Indian rugs, and the product range. The most amazing thing for our team at Recycled Mats is to see with our own eyes the health and wellbeing of the families that are directly benefitting from their involvement in the community. It's a wonderful thing to see in person.

The Top Selling Indian Rug

  • The Chindi Round Medium in jute and cotton is a best seller for childcare centres and for children's bedrooms. The combination of jute and colourful cotton plaits is number one in the Indian Rugs range, without a doubt. It’s so versatile, with an explosion of colour to suit any room. It’s the modern equivalent of shag pile. Every home needs one!

Indian rugs - chindi in a family day care

We have also searched high and low this year to find the rugs you are asking us for- the particular colour choices you search for, and the locations in the home or living areas they are to be used. In the near future, Recycled Mats will have a range of pink, blue, and neutral rugs just for baby nurseries. You asked. We're on a mission to deliver.

Indian rugs  - JJ meeting with families

Any requests for different Indian rugs?

Do let us know what you are looking for. There’s nothing they like better than a challenge to find something to match a customer's needs! Check out the entire range of Indian Rugs here.