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15 October 2018 

Looking for Indoor Outdoor Rugs?

Looking for Indoor Outdoor Rugs?

Indoor Outdoor Rugs solve so many home styling dilemmas

Recycled Mats has a giant selection of all kinds of indoor outdoor rugs including recycled plastic mats, picnic mats, floor mats, caravan mats, childrens play mats, classroom rugs, designer rugs, Indian rugs, and more.

indoor outdoor rugs - brunswick heads

Ethical, Sustainable, Honorable - Three Important Values for Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Our goal is to be ethical, sustainable and honorable. We put these values into action by:

  • Paying our Indigenous Artists fairly (Our commitment to the Indigenous Art Code ensures we must meet all requirements in this area.)
  • Manufacturing our recycled mats in family-owned factories in China that we have personally visited on a number of occasions. JJ and members of her team have met the owners, and we've built personal relationships with many of the employees. We have been witness to the direct benefits that working for Recycled Mats is giving to these families and communities too.
  • Committing to sustainable practices – our recycled mat production has redirected over one million plastic bags (and other stuff) from landfill in the past year alone!
  • Manufacturing their recycled fabric textile rugs in family-owned and run factories in India. The relationships we have established with the women and men who plait and weave the rugs from recycled textiles and manufacturing offcuts are ongoing – JJ and her husband Nu can't wait to introduce their son O. to the craftsmen and women on the ground in the near future too.

indoor outdoor rugs jute and black

Indoor outdoor rugs and mats come in a variety of materials and fabrics.

Here’s a list of what you might find in stock.

Indoor outdoor rugs - chindi rugs

The rainbow coloured Chindi indoor outdoor rugs are our favourites.

These Chindi’s are hand-woven by family members who tear old fabrics and recycle them back into rugs by plaiting and sewing the fabric together. These rugs are charming rainbows of colour that appeal to young and old. The best thing about these rugs is that they provide flexible work options to mothers, fathers, aunties and uncles, and grandparents of the town.  

indoor outdoor rugs - hotpot

But don't take our word for it.

There's over 40 new indoor outdoor rugs to choose from.

Take a look at the full list of indoor outdoor rugs by looking at our Indoor Rugs today. If you are in the market for a new indoor rug, you'll be glad you did.