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3 April 2020 

Mats for Camping

Mats for Camping

Why go camping or caravanning in Australia?

Australia has some of the best opportunities for camping anywhere in the world. We have huge areas of natural beauty, fantastic beaches, and efficient ways to get you to where you want to go. Added to that, there’s always somewhere on our island continent where the weather is just perfect for camping, whatever the month. This makes camping the best way to see Australia with your family and friends. Camping can be a wonderful way to experience nature close at hand and is a great way to have family time, while still being an economical yet rewarding holiday.

How do you pick which must-have camping mat is right for you?

First step is to take into consideration your floor space dimensions. Consider if you want to completely fill the space, partially cover it or have the mat size extend beyond your annex to accommodate for shoes and outdoor equipment. Your caravan annex size will roughly fall into the following categories: A small caravan awning fabric length will be 4.3m or smaller. A medium will be between 4.6m and 6.1m, and a large awning will take up 6.4m plus. Caravan awnings are measured in terms of the space between your caravan and the extended length of the outdoor setting. Think about what the space will be used for, the number of people who will be staying with you and your capacity to use the space to entertain, relax and reflect on your time away from home. It’s important to choose the right mat that will enhance, rather than detract, from your camping and caravanning adventure. Your caravan annex floor matting does not have to be drab in order to be durable. You can choose to use mats that are brightly coloured, made from sustainable and recycled materials that are easily cleaned. Visually pleasing, yet tough, mats can bring a sense of fun and peace to your outdoor experience. Considering these mats are designed to weather the great outdoors, you can expect them to get a lot of use and still come up squeaky clean after a quick hose off or sweep with a dry broom. They are purposefully designed to be both stylish and practical – they can be pegged down once onsite, meaning that they’ll quickly become part of the furniture and won’t cause any issues by flying up or coming loose. You can also add extra eyelets to your mat to secure it down.

Check out our other blog, for a more in-depth guide on choosing the best size for your caravan set up. We also have another focused on camping set ups and the sizing that might work for you!

About our mats

Our UV protected camping and caravan mats are purposefully made to suit all your camping, caravanning and annex adventure needs. Tough yet comfortable, weather resistant yet stylish, they are also incredibly easy to maintain, fold up and pack away when it is time to leave. Not only that, all our mats are made from recycled plastic bags, saving these from ending up in landfill. We are striving to do our bit for the environment, while still offering stylish, practical products to help smooth out the lumps and bumps of camping and caravan life. These all weather caravan mats are the best things we take on our camping and caravanning trips now. Our feet stay clean, and so does the interior of our caravan. There's smaller ones which can be used for camping floor mats, as well as our range of door mats which are ideal to be used when camping to clean feet before getting into your caravan or tent. So start planning your Aussie adventure! Shop from our range of caravan annexe and awnings mats here. You will also find a variety of other camping products perfectly designed to improve your next camping experience.