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3 April 2020 

Mats for Camping

Mats for Camping

Why take a camping mat around Australia?

Australia has some of the best opportunities for camping anywhere in the world.

We have huge areas of natural beauty to explore - wide open tracts of natural bush, verdant rainforest, rolling sand dunes and long stretches of unspoilt beaches - coupled with efficient ways to get you to where you want to go. Added to that, there’s always somewhere on our island continent where the weather is just perfect for being outdoors, whatever the month! This makes camping undoubtedly, the best way to see Australia with your family and friends.

Camping can be a wonderful way to experience nature close at hand and is ideal for enjoying quality family time....without breaking the bank! It can be as simple and relaxed or as indulgent as you like - however you choose to enjoy the great outdoors, having the right gear can either make, or break, the experience.

Your choice of camping mat is one of the simplest ways to get started on your ultimate outdoor set-up. It will literally lay the foundation for any, and all, of your camping adventures.

How do you pick which must-have camping mat is right for you?

The first step to take into consideration is your "floor" space dimensions. Whether you're in a swag or a luxury caravan, if you have an idea of the size of the space that you wish to have covered, then that's most of the job done. Also think about how that area will be used and by how many.

Your outdoor camping mat should be large enough for you to sit, dine and entertain upon but keep in mind that it can also be used as the flooring for a dedicated play or relaxation space, protecting delicate feet from hot sand, dirt, sharp sticks and stones. It can be utilised under a swag or tent to offer extra protection against the damp and as a buffer against any uneven ground. Your mat will also serve as an entrance to any "indoor" space where shoes and bags can be left, and help to demarcate your area in a shared camping ground. 

And not only that, your camping floor mat is easily transported, so depending on the size, it can be quickly packed up and taken on picnics, fishing trips and any other exploratory adventures. In all, the right camping mat will extend your living space in, and beyond, wherever you've set up camp!

Another consideration to make is whether you want to completely fill a "floor" space with your camping mat, partially cover it or have the mat size extend beyond an annex to accommodate for shoes and outdoor equipment - keeping in mind that we don't recommend that you expose our camping mats to continual, direct sunlight. Whilst they're designed for the outdoors and treated with a UV protectant, ongoing, direct exposure to the harsh sun can lead to fading and deterioration of your camping mat over time. For more information, please see our care instuctions here

What Camping Mat Sizes do we Offer?

Our small to medium camping ground mats all pack down to a compact size and generally weigh ± 2 - 4kg.
Roof top campers usually travel light with the bulk of gear on the roof, perhaps with the addition of a swag.
Whether you're at a dedicated camping spot or parked up on the beach, try our 1.8 x 2.7m (± 2.2kg) or 2.7 x 2.7m ( ± 3.8kg) mats that have plenty of room for most activities.


(Pictured: Matilda mat 2.7 x 2.7m)

If you’ve got the whole family going (especially with kids and pooches) then the bigger the mat, the more play spaces out of the dirt they’ll have. You could try our 3 x 3m camping mats ( ± 4.2kg) which are also perfect to pop up under a 3m square gazebo for the extra room that many of us need for meals or play while at the beach or campsite.

When choosing a camping mat for your caravan annex, the size will roughly fall into the following categories:

Small (11-14ft Caravans), Medium (15-20ft), Large (20-23ft) and X-Large (23ft +)

For a complete guide on which outdoor camping mat to choose for your van set up, please go to our annex mat guide here

More About Our Camping Mats

Our UV protected camping mats are purposefully made to suit all your camping, caravanning and annex adventure needs.

Tough yet comfortable, weather resistant yet stylish, they're also incredibly easy to maintain, fold up and pack away when it's time to leave. Not only that, all of our outdoor camping mats are made from repurposed plastics, saving them from ending up in landfill. We're proud to be doing our bit for the environment while still offering stylish, practical products that help smooth out the lumps and bumps of camping and caravan life.

They're also super easy to keep clean. Simply sweep, shake or hose off and if a deeper clean is required, wash down and brush with a soft broom, hanging in the shade or lying out flat to dry. 

Eyelets come standard in all of our annex mats 4m or larger but they are an option on all other mats if you'd prefer to have the option to peg your mat down. We fix the eyelets in-house so there'll be no delay to your order if you do opt for them plus we use quality eyelets that won't rust or stain the mat. 

Recycled Mats is also proud to offer a range of camping mats featuring Indigenous designs that have been commissioned by local artists. These fabulous Aboriginal mats comes in a range of sizes and styles, showcasing authentic designs that tell stories unique to each artist and their culture. 

Likewise, our Maori and NZ designs have been created by the artists to reflect family life and the rich heritage specific to the region. All artists are paid 10% royalties on each item sold that uses their work, and we promote them as individuals as well as the messages they wish to share via their designs.

By choosing one of our Indigenous designed camping mats for your outdoor set-up, you'll be infusing the space with the motifs, symbols and stories unique to these ancient cultures that implicitly understood and respected the wisdom of their natural environment. What a wonderful way to introduce these values to young ones whilst enjoying the wonders of our diverse bush and coastal regions! 


When it comes to camping mats, Recycled Mats is your one stop shop. With a large range of picnic and camping accessories also on offer, we have everything you'll need to make your next camping adventure one to remember...and cherish forever.