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8 October 2018 

Patio Mats are Ideal Modern Floor Coverings for your Fashionable Home

Patio Mats are Ideal Modern Floor Coverings for your Fashionable Home

Versatile Indoor and Patio Mats for Home and Work

Recycled plastic indoor and patio mats have 100’s of indoor uses.

patio mats - area mats

Here’s a list of our favourites:

  • Bright and colourful indoor mats can compartmentalise a space – childcare centres and educational facilities use recycled plastic indoor mats when they create "invitations to play" or learn for children. They also use them to separate areas in an open plan room, for example, as a rug in a home corner area, or to separate a block building area from the rest of the toys.
  • Parents use them under high chairs and dining tables as an easy-clean and funky floor covering when they live with small children. We've seen them used to create an office nook, and to designate a waiting area in an open-plan office.
  • Indoor mats provide a way to group children during learning experiences
  • Round indoor mats are commonly used for circle time, where children come together to sing, listen to stories, participate in movement exercises, and when visitors come to share interesting talks.
  • Indoor mats help to create book nooks. Simply add a comfy sofa or corner chair, plus a side table for your hot drink and sit back and relax with your favourite novel or magazine.
  • Patio mats are often used as alternative floor covers over polished concrete or timber flooring, when you want to bring a picnic indoors or under cover, on verandas and patios, and on concrete floors in undercover areas
  • Patio mats can be used to give a boundary line to imaginative play spaces so the kids toys don't take over!

Patio mats - outdoor lounge

Indoor Floor Mats and Patio Mats - Where are they made and why?

Our favourite indoor and patio mats can be found in our collection at Recycled Mats.

We considered a large number of options for manufacture in the early years of our business, and we are always on the lookout for better, more sustainable ways to do things. Doing so is part of our company goal of providing a quality, authentically designed product that supports Indigenous artists, while remaining affordable and well-made for customers.  

patio mats on deck

Our indoor mats, constructed from UV-treated polypropylene made from recycled plastic bags, are ethically manufactured in China in family-owned factories.

Manufacturing in China also allows Recycled Mats to take hold of the latest technologies to create a sustainable product made from recycled materials. We love that our indoor mats are made in a way that supports and cares for the planet. This is vitally important to all of us at Recycled Mats. 

Manufacturing in China allows us to take advantage of the competitive nature of business in China to demand the best quality products made in factories with ethical labour practices, streamlined production, and skilful outcomes. The speed at which the indoor and patio mats can be made and shipped ensures we can meet customer demand within appropriate timeframes, and this is important too.

patio mats - aroha

Floor Mats for Home

Manufacturing offshore has benefits for the design community also. Less money spent on manufacture means more freedom to provide more advantageous payment arrangements to our local team members and artists.

The team at Recycled Mats work hard to ensure that everyone who participates in the creation of these plastic indoor and patio mats benefits in some way - directly through income and royalties, or indirectly through education, or further opportunity. Our commitment to employ Indigenous artists of a number of cultures in the design process is but one of a number of initiatives that make us really proud.