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15 October 2018 

Fashionable & Ecofriendly Picnic Mats

Fashionable & Ecofriendly Picnic Mats

Stylish Picnic Mats for Families and Friends

There's nothing we like better in warm weather than to head out for a picnic at our favourite kid and dog-friendly beach, or sometimes up in the hills. We NEVER leave home without our favourite picnic mat, a recycled plastic mat from Recycled Mats.

Whenever we take one of these artist-designed mats down to the local park, it's always a talking point and we end up chatting to those picnicking around us as we relax the day away in comfort and style. It's rather nice in this day of social media, and faces in phones.

Never again will we bother with a fabric picnic rug, or a blanket of any kind. The hassle of trying to dust off the dirt and leaves when we go so we don't end up with a car boot full of nature's 'treasures' is so trying, especially when we are wrangling two kids, a dog, beach umbrellas, and an esky. The Recycled Mat is hassle free. Just a shake and a fold, and we're good to go again. It solves all our picnic problems.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket

A recycled plastic picnic mat  is unlike any other picnic mat you’ll find. While we can’t promise you a spill-free date, these mats deliver when it comes to post-picnic clean up. There’s no more post-picnic blues of having to wash and dry a fabric picnic rug before the stains set in- you simply stand up, shake and go. If that bottle of wine was knocked over by clumsy hands, or there’s cheese and crackers detritus, all we do is run the picnic mat under a tap or give it a spray with a gentle hose when we get home, and it's as good as new.

Fold Up Picnic Blanket

These outdoor picnic blankets can be folded for easy transportation. Each foldable picnic mat comes with its' own case, which means once it's away, you can pop it under your arm and go, go, go. Picnic mats come in all different shapes and sizes but we have a few modern favourites that we bet you won’t be able to resist either.

Picnic Mats- Evolution

Looking for a Round Picnic Blanket?

A round picnic rug is more than ample to fit a family, or a group of friends. Whilst we have our secret favourites, we'll leave it to you to decide which one speaks to you! Check out all our round recycled plastic mats here.

Picnic mats - Yarning circle

For those who prefer a square picnic blanket over circles, one of our gorgeous square designs might take your fancy.

For those wanting an animal design, we can help you with that too!

Fully reversible waterproof beach blanket

Recycled Mats picnic mats are also fully reversible, meaning there's not one but TWO colour choices. We love that we have a choice. With our dark and light patterned mats, it's dark face up when the kids are around, and light face up when they are not. We love that you can hide their messes!

picnic mats- tracks

Looking for the best beach blanket or a super cute picnic blanket?

These picnic mats are particularly eye-catching at the beach. The patterned mats are a very easy way to “save your space”! The brightly coloured picnic mats are also easy to spot when you emerge from the water looking for your towel. For us though, we think the best thing about our range of picnic mats on the beach is their ability to keep us, and our picnic nibblies, free from rogue sand particles! Picnics on the beach with one of our picnic mats are a pleasant change from sitting on damp, sand-covered towels. We never ever visit a beach without one!

With such great weather, Australia must be the picnic capital of the world which is why Recycled Mats has you covered. If you are looking for picnic mats with a difference, one that is not only easy to cart, and easy to care for, but also makes a fashionable statement that sets you apart from the rest, this picnic mat is the perfect thing. We don’t think you’ll be able to resist taking the ultimate instagrammable selfie shot! Why not take it one step further and glam it up with a wooden foldable picnic table (even more protection from the sand for your beloved cheese platter!)

These patterned picnic mats, made from recycled plastic bags and available from Recycled Mats, are simply perfect backdrops!