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15 October 2018 

Fashionable & Eco-friendly Picnic Mats

Fashionable & Eco-friendly Picnic Mats

With one the most diverse and captivating landscapes in the world, Australia has to be one of the best places to enjoy a picnic…with a view! And here at Recycled Mats, we love nothing more than grabbing a basket of nibbles and drinks, our trusty picnic mat and heading out to enjoy the great outdoors with our favourite people. It’s such a fuss-free, economical and heart-warming way to enjoy both good friends and our beautiful environment.

Bush, beach, riverside or on top of a craggy mountain, you can’t go wrong if you’ve got yourself the right picnic mat. It not only provides a barrier against damp ground and sharp stones underneath, a good picnic blanket will provide a dry, comfortable seating and eating area for you and your group to make the most of your style!

Waterproof Picnic Blankets

Unlike most picnic blankets on the market, our recycled plastic picnic mats are fully waterproof, not only protecting you from wet, soggy ground but also making the inevitable picnic spills and splashes a cinch to clean up without the risk of staining. It also means that our picnic rugs won’t harbour bacteria nor develop that damp mildew-y smell that many other outdoor blankets can.

To clean simply shake, wipe or sweep off and if a deeper clean is required just wash down with the hose and brush with a soft broom, leaving on the line or lying flat to dry.

CONNECTING TO CULTURE MAT 3M(pictured: Connecting to Culture 3m)

Reversible Picnic Blankets   

Recycled Mats offers a large range of picnic mats, from small one-person runners to supersized mats up to 7m in length! Most popular for picnic outings are our square and round mats, all of which are reversible, meaning you get two different looks for the price of one. Just flip the mat to show the other dominant colour on the upside…it couldn’t be easier!

Our plastic picnic rugs also come in their own recycled plastic carry bag making them easy to transport and store. Whilst sturdy, they’re lightweight too so even the kids can make themselves useful by throwing the picnic mat over their shoulder and carrying it to and from your site. And if you’d like the option to peg your mat in place, we can add eyelets in-house….please look for that option on the website.


(pictured: Palm Springs 2.4 x 4m)

Picnic Blanket Designs to Drool Over!

With a large range of both contemporary and Aboriginal designs, there’s a picnic mat in our collection for every one and every occasion. If your picnic is a “girls gathering” why not opt for something floral or in feminine tones? Some of our picnic mats are perfect for setting the tone for a hens’ lunch, baby shower, birthday party or just all out glam picnic!

Tutti Frutti Picnic Pack

(pictured: Tutti Frutti 3 x 3m)

We also have options for kids with picnic mats that feature either animal designs or have some sort of educational inspiration, whether that be numbers and shapes or multi-cultural motifs. Our stunning range of cultural mats have been created by a select team of Indigenous artists, whose designs tell stories of their culture, the Australian landscape and everyday life. What better way to spark cross-cultural understanding and empathy than by imbuing a relaxation and play space with cultural emblems and mythology.


(pictured: Gumleaves and Waterholes 3 x 3m)

Picnic Blankets that Benefit the Planet

Here at Recycled Mats, we’re big on doing what we can to reduce the impact on our precious environment. Almost all of our products are eco-friendly in their composition and/or manufacture and the picnic mats are no exception.

Made from repurposed plastics – most of which started out as food containers, medicine bottles and shopping bags – we’re proud to have been responsible for saving thousands of tonnes of plastic waste from going into landfills. This is plastic that would not only have taken many lifetimes to decompose but likely to have ended up in our oceans where it wreaks havoc on marine life. So, you can feel good about enjoying your Recycled Mats picnic blanket in the great outdoors, knowing that you’ve also done your bit to help out Mother Earth.


(Pictured: Ningaloo 1.8 x 2.7m)

The Perfect Picnic Blanket Set

Aside from a fabulous range of picnic mats, we also offer lots of lovely accessories to help you create the ideal picnic setting. Take your picnic up a notch – literally! – with one of our portable, super handy picnic tables. These are ideal for not only safely holding stemmed glasses and bottles but are perfect for serving tasty treats and nibbles. And they’re not just limited to picnic time, they also make great lap tables for those special breakfast-in-bed moments!

To keep drinks and snacks chilled, we also have an eye-catching range of bottle coolers and cooler bags plus non-toxic Shooaways and mozzie coil holders to deter those uninvited drop-ins. You might also want to complement your picnic mat with a sand free beach mat or towel, which are perfect to double as wraps if a cool breeze kicks in. And likewise, to keep everyone shaded on those hot summer days, why not add in a funky retro beach umbrella?

So next time you’re planning an adventure outside and are in the need of the ultimate picnic blanket, visit us here at Recycled Mats….your one-stop shop for all things outdoors and eco-friendly!