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How do I care for my Picnic Table?


Do NOT stand or sit on the table

Do NOT submerge in water

Keep AWAY from heat sources & extreme heat

Do NOT place fingers between moving parts

Do NOT place in dishwasher

ALWAYS ensure legs are fully stretched out prior to adding weight/items to the table

Do USE a placemat or coaster prior to placing hot or cold items on your table to prevent marks from occurring

SUPERVISION of children & animals when using the product is required

WIPE down with a damp cloth after use

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sun


Do tell your friends about this great product

Do enjoy sensibly ( alcohol in moderation )


Failure to follow safety recommendations could lead to serious injury or damage to your product

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Recycled Mats has available a range of portable picnic tables from a variety of suppliers including Australian Made and imported from China.

Materials used in the range vary from pine, hardwood and bamboo.

There is a table style, colour, material and price to suit your style and budget.