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2 November 2018 

Recycled Mats and Rugs in Learning Environments; Benefits and Where to Place them.

Recycled Mats and Rugs in Learning Environments; Benefits and Where to Place them.

Durability and Hygiene are two key elements of any space intended for use by students. From childcare centres, to major universities and educational institutions, they all have one common fundamental obligation to their students. To provide a collaborative and conducive environment that makes learning and day to day activities easier, safer and more flexible. For this reason, these institutions demand visually appealing, hard wearing, low maintenance, safe and sustainable solutions. In come Recycled Mats and Rugs.

Sustainable Flooring Solutions for Schools and Learning Institutions

For schools and learning institutions, flooring solutions are more than just aesthetics. But don’t get us wrong, having beautiful spaces in is also important. The flooring solution of choice ought to make a room more engaging for learning, comfortable and durable for playtime/group time and foot traffic, the library quieter for reading or story telling whilst promoting sustainability and culturally inclusive designs.

At Recycled Mats, our team of experienced designers take all these factors into consideration when designing our products. From choosing the materials, designs, patterns, colours and textures, they look at the bigger picture – functionality and ideology. As a business, we are aware that we are part of a larger community. This is the reason we base all our operations in the principles of integrity and sustainability, and aspire to pass on these values to young minds through our products. We are mindful of our impact on the environment and on the communities in which our products are made.

Our products are based on forward thinking designs and made from 100% recycled materials leading to improved productivity and performance, greater durability and sustainability, as well as learning spaces that are beautiful, comfortable and safer for all students.

Aids the learning process

Learning and play areas, particularly for younger children, need to be infused with creative educational motifs. Our collection of rugs and carpets feature a wide array of patterns, and shapes that act as teaching aid and also provoke the minds of the young children to be more creative. With a wide range of themes including invigorating colours, shapes and Indigenous symbols these rugs make the perfect addition for your educational facility.

Warmth and Comfort

Our mats and rugs come in a wide range of textures and thickness. With their soft textures, recycled mats and rugs offer a comfortable place for teachers and teachers to expand their learning and daily activities on the floor whilst providing warmth. Behavioural studies have shown that students are much happier and livelier when they play or learn on comfortable rugs and mats.

Improved Safety

Slip and fall accidents are a nightmare for any educational institution. Research has shown that mats and rugs not only lessen the chance of slips and falls but also cushion the impact of such accident and lessen the chance of injury.

Noise Reduction

Students, especially young children require conducive environments to promote their hearing and comprehension. Background noise from inside and outside of a room is an unwelcome distraction. Mats and rugs offer noise reduction thus helping the students retain their attention for longer periods of time. Overall, noise reduction improves learning and productivity of the learners and teachers as well.

Easy to maintain

Educational facilities can be messy. This can make it incredibly hard for the personnel to keep the place clean and up to standard – but not with our recycled plastic mats. The mats  are not only reversible but also easy to clean - just hose them down and you are good to go. They are also UV treated to delay fading so they can serve you for longer.

Where Should You Place Rugs and Mats in an Educational Facility?

Having quality mats and rugs placed in the right spots can make all the difference. You can easily control the mess, minimise chances of accidents, and add to the aesthetics of the space while also promoting a friendly learning environment. Here are the common rug and mat placement:

Entrances and exits

Every entrance and exit makes a statement of its own – so why not make a positive statement by having a culturally inspired mat or rug that is made 100% from recycled materials. It is a great way to introduce the students and guests to your principles and beliefs. You can take pride in celebrating diversity, embracing sustainability and promoting responsibility.  A good mat or rug at the entrance also helps keeps dirt and debris from being brought into the facility. The main entrance in particular should have a hard wearing, distinguished outdoor mat that ushers people in to a friendly and cooperative learning environment. You can also double up with an indoor mat to eliminate any remaining dirt, water and debris. Check out our range of recycled rubber doormats & our complete range of recycled plastic mats'll agree there are so many amazing designs to choose from!

Classrooms and Playrooms

Students and teachers spend most of the day seated and standing respectively but wouldn’t it be fun to break the monotony and use the floor once in a while? Recycled mats and rugs are the perfect solution. They are a cost effective solution to add flexibility and fun into the learning environment. It improves the working conditions of teachers and improve the general morale – when everyone is happy, performance and productivity will definitely show. In the playroom, a quality mat or rug adds comfort, bursts of energy infusing colours and of course reduces the chances of slip and fall accidents.

Kitchen and Cafeteria

Having the right mat in the kitchen can greatly cut down on slip and fall accidents. It also keeps the students comfortable and help to ensure that regulations are adhered to. The area in front of a sink in particular should have a mat. Water is bound to spill on the floor and having a quality mat there will prevent students and employees from slipping. The same applies to the buffet area.

Point to note

Educational facilities should incorporate various coloured recycled mats and rugs in their spaces to break monotony and visually invigorate learners. However, it is important to consider the age of your learners as well as the activity and subject before selecting the colour or design. In a learning environment, colour can enhance learning, it can also influence morale and behaviour of the learners.


You can view our full range of products by browsing our website. Be sure to check out our whole range of recycled plastic mats, ones targeted more at educational facilities, colourful indoor rugs, recycled rubber doormats, giant cushion/beanbag covers plus so much more!