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23 June 2023 

Recycled Mats: Pioneering Sustainability with Innovative Products and Practices

Recycled Mats: Pioneering Sustainability with Innovative Products and Practices

Recycled Mats: Pioneering Sustainability with Innovative Products and Practices

RM has been a trailblazer in the industry since its establishment in 2009. Led by the visionary business owner, JJ Stranan, the company has revolutionised the concept of sustainable living by offering a diverse range of mats made from recycled plastic. With a dedicated staff of 9 and a convenient shopfront for click-and-collect services, Recycled Mats is committed to reducing plastic waste and protecting our environment.



Embracing Sustainability Through Innovation

Recycled Mats have taken a significant step towards creating a greener future by using recycled plastic to produce their caravan mats, annex mats, and camping mats since 2009. By repurposing plastic & car tyres that would otherwise end up in landfills or pollute our oceans, the company is making a tangible difference. JJ Stranan and her team understand that true sustainability requires a circular approach, which is why they not only accept their own mats back for recycling but also collect bottle tops from the community. These bottle tops are transformed into new products, further reducing plastic waste and preserving the beauty of our oceans.


A Circular Offering

Recycled Mats is the first and only company in Australia to offer a fully circular offering in the mat industry. By accepting their own mats back for recycling, they ensure that their products have a minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. However, the company's commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there. They actively engage with the community, encouraging individuals to contribute by collecting and donating milk bottle tops. These bottle tops are then transformed into mulch, cut, and recreated into new products, creating a virtuous cycle that minimizes plastic waste and promotes a circular economy.



Preserving Our Oceans

The detrimental effects of plastic waste on our oceans are well-known, and Recycled Mats recognize the urgent need to protect these precious ecosystems. By using recycled plastic in their mats and actively reducing plastic waste, they are making a significant contribution to the preservation of our oceans. JJ Stranan and her team understand that we all have a responsibility to cherish and safeguard these vital bodies of water. Through their sustainable practices and dedication to recycling, Recycled Mats is setting an example for businesses across Australia and beyond, inspiring others to adopt eco-friendly practices and prioritize the well-being of our oceans.

Recycled Mats, led by JJ Stranan, is at the forefront of the sustainable living movement. By producing caravan mats, annex mats, and camping mats from recycled plastic, the company demonstrates that environmental consciousness and business success can go hand in hand. With their circular offering and commitment to reducing plastic waste, Recycled Mats set a remarkable example for other companies and individuals alike. Together, we can all make a difference in protecting our planet and ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.


The original 'Recycled Mats' since 2009

Shop Recycled Mats' full range here, and remember there is only ONE original 'Recycled Mats' company since 2009 that has the name! The rest are followers in the space. With over 3,500 genuine and verified reviews, our reputation speaks for itself.

A few firsts that RM has led the industry in:

  • The first to work with authentic Indigenous Australian artists in the mat space
  • The first to design round recycled mats providing an inclusive and visually appealing design to spaces and childcare centres
  • The first and only to offer a circular economy option
  • The first mat company to not only take back their own mats but also other plastics that would normally go to landfill working with the local community to both educate and support a greener Tweed region.
  • The first to launch Green KPIs publicly
  • The first to offer click-and-collect to the community
  • The first to launch designs by kids, for kids
  • The first and only company to be chosen by the Commonwealth Games 2018 as an authentic supplier to decorate the Elder's and children's spaces, and backstage areas for live performers
  • The first to offer matching set options of annex & beach mats
  • The first and only to offer the longest mat ever - the 7m annex mat 
  • The first wheelchair-accessible shopfront
  • The first to offer BTC as a payment method
  • The first dog-friendly shop and office space
  • The first and only company to offer custom umbrella eyelet options and custom eyelet options across our entire mat range (excluding annex mats that already come pre-fitted with eyelets by default)


We are excited to share our 'Recycled Mats Purpose' with you and would love you to read more here, about our mission to 'Create. Educate. Inspire'